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From student houses, to individual or studio apartments and even single rooms in established homes, there are plenty of housing options for students in Barcelona. Apartments can be found from all sorts of different sources, but they also disappear off the market pretty quickly, so it’s important to be decisive once you’ve found a place you like. Let’s investigate some ways to better your odds of finding nice, affordable Barcelona accommodation.

Room prices

Like any city, prices are extremely variable and depend on things like location, size and furnishings. Cheap accommodation can be found, but you may need to do some digging. Here are a few guideline prices so you can get an idea of how much you’ll need to spend:

  • Rent for a single room, €350-500 per month.

  • Rent for a one-bedroom flat, €650-850 per month.

  • Rent for a 2-3 bedroom flat, €900-1200€ per month.

  • Real estate agency fee, 1 month’s rent or 10% of the annual rent

  • Deposit – 2 months’ rent

As you can see, this quickly adds up to a lot of money. You could have to fork out up to 4 times your normal monthly rent in the first month. Be prepared for this and make sure to account for the deposit/agency fees in your cost of living budget - you may need to do some good saving before you move!

Helpful tips to find housing in Barcelona

Watch out for scammers

As in all the big cities, there’s a lot of scammers in Barcelona. You won’t a find a big 3-room apartment for 600€ or a big room for 200€. In case you find it, be aware that scammers are always trying to get money from international students. Even if the price is not suspicious, watch out for landlords that “are not living there right now” or that “will send a friend to give you the keys”. To be completely safe, use HousingAnywhere, which will prevent you from dealing with trust issues.

Get some local advice

The single best way to learn about a new city is not Google, but the people who already live there. This is especially true for finding accommodation. Learn which areas are nice to live in, where to go when you’re on a budget or countless other little tidbits which will make finding a good Barcelona apartment easier.

Get a spanish cell number

The easiest way to do this is by getting a prepaid cell number which you can use to contact letting agents, chat to landlords and all those other little conveniences which you can’t achieve with Wi-FI alone. We’ve got a detailed guide on obtaining a SIM card and phone number which are more permanent, but for the first couple of weeks prepaid should work fine!

Start surfing the net

There’s no denying that for physically finding listings and available apartments in Barcelona, the internet is King and Google its loyal servant. Just search "apartments for rent in Barcelona" if you don’t know where else to start. If you find somewhere nice, arrange a booking and scope out the local area while you’re there - you want to make as informed a decision as possible, as you’ll be there for at least a few months!

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Barcelona neighborhoods

This isn’t an exclusive list, but will give you an idea of some of the most popular and interesting areas in and around the gorgeous city of Barcelona.


Once a separate town in its own right, this bohemian area is a short commute away from the city proper. It is full of artists, live music, artsy boutiques and has a uniquely artistic and liberal vibe. The nightlife is superb and varied, there are plenty of restaurants and there are loads of entertainment options throughout the day.

El Born

This area area embodies both the old and the new of Barcelona, with a hundred little cobbled side streets meaning you may get lost once or twice while finding your way! There are Michelin-quality restaurants and hipster bars on the same streets, as well as plenty of historical and cultural attractions.

El Raval

The area is known for its diverse ethnicities, wild nightlife and independent feel. There are thrift shops, student bars and all sorts of trendy, cool places to hang out. It is a heavily gentrified area, once considered a rough, gritty corner of the city. The MACBA plaça, at its centre, is always abuzz with skaters, musicians and anyone out enjoying a sunny day!

El Eixample

Right in the heart of modern Barcelona, El Eixample passes through the Plaça de Catalunya. There are lavish hotels and bars adorning the streets, and you can sense the modernness of this area compared to many others in Barcelona. A great, if more expensive, area to live.


Nothing to do with finding an apartment, really, but the UPF Library is a great space to study, use the internet or just relax with a book. It’s also situated right by the beach, so you can spend a few hours working on your brain before switching it up to work on that tan!

You don’t have to be a student of UPF, so this could be a good place to start your accommodation search when you land in the city.

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