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Data security

We value your online security as much as you do. Our team works continuously to protect the security of your account, and we take steps every day to provide a secure experience for our users.

Housing Anywhere complies to the European Law for Data Security. All data is sent over an encrypted connection from your browser to our server (HTTPS). You can verify this by checking that the lock icon is shown in the browser address bar. Furthermore we strive to always use the latest available security information to secure our servers, application and other services to ensure your data is safe.

Housing Anywhere does not store any financial data on our platform. All financial transactions are handled by our payment partner which is fully PCI (DSS 2.0 standard) Level 1 compliant, supervised by the Dutch Central bank as a payment institution and complies with all the requirements of the European Commission’s Payment Service Directive (PSD, 2007/64/EC).

Responsible disclosure

If you do however think you’ve discovered a potential security issue that affects many users, please report it by emailing our tech team directly

If you’ve found an issue that affects only your own account, please contact our support team instead.


Housing Anywhere uses cookies for basic website functionality such as remembering that you are logged in if you do so (so called sessions). We also use cookies together with 3rd party analytics services such as Google Analytics to better understand how our customers use the website and improve it based on these findings. We do not use this data for advertising nor is this data shared with any other company.

For more information please refer to our Cookie Policy