Best of nightlife in Vienna: Bars, pubs and clubs

Discover Vienna’s vibrant nightlife, from the best bars and pubs to the hottest clubs.


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20 Mar 2024

One of the pros of Vienna is that Vienna has a vibrant nightlife scene. But how do you choose where to visit? After all, nothing is worse than choosing the wrong location and ending your night out before it starts. This is why we created this guide, including only the best bars, pubs, and clubs to help you enjoy Vienna’s nightlife to the fullest.

Where to find the best nightlife in Vienna

While Vienna has an excellent night scene spanning the city, some areas are more fun than others. To narrow down your options, let’s start with the 4 you should put at the top of your list.

  1. Bermuda Dreieck (1st district): the Bermuda Triangle is one of Vienna’s most popular nightlife spots and a must-visit if you want to bar hop or enjoy scenic views and affordable drinks.
  2. Mariahilfer Straße (6th and 7th district): for those who want to enjoy nightlife with fewer tourists. Splitting Mariahilf and Neubau, this street and the surrounding area have some of Vienna's best bars, clubs, and restaurants.
  3. Prater (2nd district): besides being home to the famous Prater Park and Prater amusement park, this area has plenty of bars and clubs.
  4. The Gürtel: the best place to experience unique nightlife under old subway arches. Besides being the red light district, the area is popular for its clubs and bars and the annual Gürtel Nightwalk festival in the summer.

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Top 6 bars in Vienna

Kleinod Cocktailbar: Best cocktail bar in Vienna

Kleinod Cocktailbar is known for its stylish and sophisticated ambience with antique furnishings, dim lighting, and cosy seating. The bar has a team of skilled mixologists who create an extensive menu of signature cocktails, including both timeless classics and innovative creations. If you end up going there, be sure to try “Salty boulevard”, Kleinod’s twist on a whiskey sour.

  • Price: €€€
  • Nearest public transport stop: Stephansplatz (U1, U3, buses 1A or 3A ) or Rotenturmstraße (bus 2A)

MOOONS: Best rooftop bar in Vienna

MOOONS Rooftop Bar has one of the best panoramic views of the city and is the perfect place to enjoy a drink on a warm summer evening basking in the beauty of Vienna. The rooftop bar has a contemporary design with comfortable lounge chairs and sofas, where visitors can unwind while enjoying their extensive menu of beverages.

  • Price: €€
  • Nearest public transport stop: Karl Popper Straße (bus 13A), Südtiroler Platz (U1) or Wien Quartier Belvedere (trams 1 and 18)

Loos American Bar: Smallest bar in Vienna

Loos American Bar, also known as just "Loos Bar," is only 27 sq m², making it the smallest bar in Vienna. Loos Bar is known for high-quality drinks, whether a classic cocktail, a speciality creation or a glass of rich spirits. Considered a pioneer of modernist architecture, the bar has become a cultural landmark in Vienna.

  • Price: €€€
  • Nearest public transport stop: Stephansplatz (U1, U3)

Travel Shack: Best student bar

Located near the city centre of Vienna, the Travel Shack is known for its lively atmosphere and affordable prices, which attract plenty of students. The drinks are reasonably priced and often part of deals, so you can party without breaking your student budget. Travel Shack often hosts games or karaoke nights, perfect for when you want to do something more than just grab a drink.

  • Price:
  • Nearest public transport stop: Mariahilfer Gürtel (trams 6 and 18)

Reinthaler’s Beisl: Best traditional pub in Vienna

Reinthaler's Beisl captures the charm of a classic Viennese pub. The interior is adorned with wooden furnishings, vintage decorations, and warm lighting, creating a cosy and inviting atmosphere. Reinthaler's Beisl is known for its selection of Austrian beers and cuisine.

  • Price: €€
  • Nearest public transport stop: Graben, Petersplatz (buses 1A and 2A)

Johnny’s Pub: Best Irish pub in Vienna

Johnny's Pub has a cosy and traditional Irish pub decor. The pub is known for its wide selection of drinks and has a tasty menu of burgers, sandwiches, and snacks. They host occasional live music performances, trivia nights, or other entertainment events.

  • Price:
  • Nearest public transport stop: Paulanergasse (trams 1 and 62)

Best nightclubs in Vienna

Flex: Best-known club in Vienna

One of Vienna’s most iconic clubs has been hosting top-notch electronic music events, live performances and club nights since the 1990s. Flex’s music features techno, house, electronic, drum and base styles. Night outs are made better with their cutting-edge sound system, creating an immersive audio experience spanning several floors. The main dance floor is often the focal point, but Flex has other areas: a chill-out lounge, an outdoor terrace, and a separate stage for live performances.

  • Price: €€ – €€€
  • Nearest public transport stop: Schottenring (U2, U4, and tram 31)

Pratersauna: Best summer club in Vienna

Did you know that , one of the hottest techno clubs in Vienna used to be the former sauna of the Prater amusement park? Today, you can dance to various types of electronic music on the several floors of the Pratersauna.

Pratersauna stands out from the crowd because of the large outdoor pool and beautiful garden where you can join pool parties at the Sauna Strand Club in the summer.

  • Price: € – €€
  • Nearest public transport stop: Welthandelsplatz (bus 82A) and Messe - Prater (U2)

WhyNot: Best LGBTQ+ club in Vienna

A true Viennese staple, WhyNot is the largest gay and queer nightclub in Vienna. First opening its doors in the 1980s, the club is the oldest LGBTQ+ one in Vienna. The venue’s 3 floors fit all your party needs: a bar to grab drinks, a club to dance the night away, chill-out areas to rest, and a “funroom” to let your hair down.

  • Price: € – €€
  • Nearest public transport stop: Schwertgasse (buses 1A and 3A) and Renngasse (bus 2A)

Praterdome: Biggest club in Vienna

Praterdome is known for its energetic atmosphere and being the largest club in Austria. It features multiple dance floors, each with its own music style. You can hear a mix of mainstream hits, such as EDM, house, hip-hop, and R&B at Praterdome each night. The club has a catchy design with state-of-the-art lighting and sound systems, creating an electrifying atmosphere for partygoers.

  • Price: €€
  • Nearest public transport stop: Venediger Au (bus N81) and Messe - Prater (U2)

As you can see, areas like the Bermuda Triangle, Mariahilf, Neubau, Prater, and the Gürtel provide distinct experiences for partygoers, offering something for every taste. Whether you’re a local, a tourist or someone new in Vienna, you’ll find lots to enjoy.

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