Public transport in Turin

Arriving to Turin

Turin has two airports in close proximity: Caselle Airport, the main airport of Turin and also known as Aeroporto Sandro Pertini, and Cuneo Levaldigi Airport.

Turin airport to city center by bus

To get to the city center by the bus is the cheapest option. Both the SADEM and the Terravision bus service also run from the airport to the city center, with buses leaving from the arrival area, with the ticket office close by.

SADEM runs routes from 6:10am until midnight. Terravision runs lines all throughout the day. The bus stops at Porta Susa, after a 50-minute journey.

Turin airport to city center by train

Additionally, a train runs from Caselle Airport to the Dora rail station. It is €3, and is a 19-minute trip. Departures begin at 5:04am, with the last one at 9:03pm.

Bus Line 52 connects the Dora rail station to Turin’s main railway station of Porta Nuova, close to the city center. The trip only takes about 10 minutes.

Turin airport to city center by taxi

If you’d like to take a taxi from the airport to the city center, the 10-minute ride will cost approximately €30.

Cuneo Airport to city center by bus

A bus service runs after each arrival into the city center, at approximately €6. Simply walk through the door into the arrivals hall, and exit the terminal by the first door on the right. The Torino Bus will be outside, and you can purchase a ticket from the bus driver.

The trip from Cuneo Airport to the city center is approximately 60 minutes, and the final stop of the route is at the Lingotto FS, the rail station. You can also take a taxi for about €6 to the metro station from here.

By car

Six major motorways connect Turin to many other cities in Europe, and you can easily drive from the airport into the city center, should you be renting a car or will have someone picking you up at the terminal.

Moving around Turin

While you are looking for student housing in Turin, it’s great to know that it will be easy to get around on foot. There’s no need for a car, which makes things a lot simpler, considering parking can be hard to find and is quite expensive. Additionally, there are several modes of public transportation, including buses, trams and the metro.

Buses and trams

Local transportation in Turin is provided by GTT, which is also known as Gruppo Trasporti Torinese, managing a subway line, buses and trams. These generally run from 5 a.m. until midnight during the week, and on weekends, “Nightbuster” lines run until 5 a.m.

You can buy tickets at any newsstand in Turin, as well as at bars and the vending machines at the metro stations. Be sure to buy your tickets before boarding. Tickets last for 70 minutes, and the price depends on the trip. You can log onto the GTT website to view prices and to plan out your journey with the use of their timetables.

Turin metro

The underground, otherwise known as the metro, connects areas like Collegno with Lingotto Expo, It can also help you cover an hour’s distance in less than 20 minutes.

Bike sharing

As with many places in Europe, Italians love to ride their bicycles, and the city of Turin is definitely no exception. There’s even a modern bike-sharing program called TO-BIKE, where you can grab a bike from over 100 stations, and then return it to the one nearest you. It’s very inexpensive, and it offers a great way to see the city of Turin!

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