Find mid-term rentals in Turin

Tips to find a place in Turin

Upon deciding to study abroad, the first thing that you’ll need to consider will be finding student housing in Turin. Keep in mind that pricing will vary, depending on the location and the convenience to schools and universities.

Utilities are typically additional, on top of the monthly rental payment, and you will almost always need to pay a deposit, which is usually one or two month’s rent. This deposit is always returned at the end of the lease, as long as there are no damages made to the property during your rental term.

Some students opt to register with a local rental agency, but you can also save money by searching online or looking at the classified ads in Turin’s local newspapers. You can also look at the notice boards at the area campuses. Additionally, check in with friends or family members who may know of someone renting a room.

However, the best way to search for rooms for rent in Turin, or in any other student city for that matter, is to use a trusted rental platform, like Housing Anywhere. Plus, you can even enter your room or apartment preferences, and you will be notified when space is listed that matches them.


If you plan on staying in Turin for over three months (and almost all exchanges will last for at least one semester), you should register to obtain a tax code. This code will be required to sign up for a lease or many other administrative procedures. Also know that you may need a guarantor for your lease, who will agree to assist with rental fees in case there are problems with non-payment.

Best neighborhoods in Turin

Turin is easy to get from one place to the next while on foot, especially if your student accommodation is close to the city center. Below are the primary neighborhoods of Turin.


Aurora is very popular with students, and it is divided into wards. Each of these wards offers something unique to both residents and visitors alike, whether it be the friendly bars in Borgo Dora, the freshly brewed beer that is served throughout Birrificio or the largest open-air market in all of Europe — Porta Palazzo.

Borgo Po

Borgo Po is known for its wide-open green spaces, offering plenty of hiking adventures for a warm, sunny day. The city center is a popular hangout for all of the residents, regardless of age.


Near the San Salvario neighborhood and across the Corso Bramante bridge, you'll find that this ward is almost aristocratic. However, you’ll also find an open-air market that students love when shopping for clothing, along with a long pedestrian-only street that runs from the market all the way to the Technical University of Turin, or the Politecnico di Torino.

Room Prices

While the room prices in Turin can vary, you can usually expect to pay between €200 and €300 for a shared room. If you would prefer a single room, monthly payments are generally between €350 and €500.

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