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Moving to Stuttgart and curious about how much it would cost to live in Germany’s 6th largest city? Compared to the rest of Europe, the balance between prices in Stuttgart and the average salary in the area is quite good. So, let’s take a look at the most important monthly expenses that you’ll run into:

  • Rent prices
  • Food costs (groceries and eating out)
  • Public transport costs

Overview of cost of living in Stuttgart

The cost of living in Stuttgart for a student is approximately €1,100 per month. This budget is for students who live in a student room, drink and eat out a few times, own a student public transport card, and do groceries from discount stores. It does not include tuition fee costs.

The cost of living in Stuttgart for an expat is approximately €1,794 per month. This includes living in an apartment, groceries, leisure costs, monthly public transport subscription, and dining out frequently. You can live comfortably with this monthly budget, especially is you earn the average salary of Stuttgart — €4,143 per month.

Cost of housing and accommodation in Stuttgart

Like in many German cities, Stuttgart’s rental market is seeing a surge in popularity among locals and expats. This is resulting in housing shortage issues, which is driving up rental prices across several neighbourhoods in Stuttgart. Take time to read about the different neighbourhoods and start your search early to find something within budget.

The rent prices in Stuttgart are closer to prices in Berlin than to prices in Munich. Especially if you consider that the average monthly salary in Stuttgart is €4,143.

Here’re the average rental prices for furnished rooms, studios, and apartments in Stuttgart with utilities included.

Furnished housing StuttgartAverage rental price

Rooms in Stuttgart

The average price for a furnished room in Stuttgart is around €650 per month. Room costs in student dorms (WGs) might be even cheaper. But they tend to fill up quickly, making sharing a room in an apartment more popular.

If you’re a student in Stuttgart, then a furnished room is an excellent option. While not self-sufficient, rooms are considerably more affordable than studios in Stuttgart.

Studios in Stuttgart

The average price for a furnished studio in Stuttgart is around €780 per month.

Independent housing is very popular in Stuttgart, so the increased privacy of a furnished studio comes at a steep price, especially if you’re not working and earning in Stuttgart. Either way, looking for a studio well before your arrival will help you find a studio in a nicer spot in the city!

Apartments in Stuttgart

The average price for a furnished 1-bedroom apartment in Stuttgart is around €1,029 per month.

Apartments are where the housing market gets competitive in Stuttgart, and this is reflected in the pricing. But, if you’ve got the salary to match, scoring a decent apartment shouldn’t be too much of an issue!


Food prices in Stuttgart can be divided into grocery costs and eating out costs.

Cost of groceries in Stuttgart

Supermarkets in Stuttgart tend to be cheaper than the supermarkets in other big German cities. All in all, the weekly groceries for 1 person are between €40– €60. If you want to lower your grocery costs, try shopping in discount stores like Lidl or Aldi. And if you plan to shop vegan, biological, or international products, prepare a monthly grocery budget of €60–€90 per person per week.

Going out to eat in Stuttgart

As long as you don’t go out to eat more than a few times a week, you should be able to keep your food expenses under control while living in Stuttgart.

ActivityAverage price
Going out for lunch€12
Going out for dinner€30
Beer (0.5l)€4

Leisure costs in Stuttgart

If you’re hitting the town for some entertainment, you should be able to see the latest film in the cinema for around €10-€12 . This might be cheaper, depending on which day you’re visiting and if you’re a student. If you prefer a live performance, decent tickets at the StaatsTheater Stuttgart will set you back anywhere from €35 to €65. For concerts specifically, tickets tend to cost between €40-€80 for local and international artists.

Stuttgart activitiesAverage price
Cinema tickets€12
Theatre tickets€45
Concert tickets (local)€60
Museum tickets€8-15
Zoo tickets (18-28)€13

Transportation in Stuttgart

One of the best ways to get to where you need to go in Stuttgart is the public transport system. For a single ticket, you’ll pay around €2.90 per travel zone.

If you travel every day for work or studies, a seasonal ticket is more affordable. A personal monthly subscription starts at €63.08 and if you’re working in Stuttgart, you can ask your company if they’ll reimburse you. Students pay €62.50 per month for a full access ticket or €209 for the StudiTicket for a 6-month period.

Tickets / subscriptionAverage price
Single ticket€2.90 (per zone)
Student card€62.50 a month (full access)
Personal subscription€63.08

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