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When planning a move to Portugal, it's important to know the average salary. By knowing how much the average salary is in Portugal, you can figure out if a job offer is in line with what's typical for the industry, position, and experience.

Luckily, we've done the research to help you figure out how much the average wage is in Portugal while living in Portugal.

Average salary in Portugal

The average salary in Portugal is around €2,741 monthly. But, this number can change based on experience, skills, location, and gender. So the average income in Portugal varies from about €841 at the lower end to €12,360 at the higher end.

There is a visible difference in average salaries between male and female employees in Portugal. Male employees earn around €35,560 annually, while female employees earn approximately €34,080 annually. This means that, across all professions, men make about 4% more than women when performing the same job.

What is the average salary in Lisbon?

Lisbon attracts many internationals looking to relocate to Portugal thanks to its vibrant culture, job opportunities, and laid-back urban life. The average salary in Lisbon is about €2,830 monthly, but it differs based on professions and career choices. Salaries in Lisbon cover a wide spectrum, reflecting variations in skill demands, job availability, and industry sectors. On the lower end, some professions may have an average salary of around €720, while others, particularly in high-demand industries, can reach up to €12,600.

What is a good salary in Portugal?

Living cost in Portugal is generally more affordable than in other European countries such as France and the Netherlands. So with an average monthly salary of €2,741, you can enjoy a comfortable lifestyle. Even if you're on a tighter budget, Portugal offers affordable healthcare and education, budget-friendly housing options, delicious yet affordable local food, and plenty of free or low-cost activities. So you can still experience a good quality of life in Portugal with as little as €1,400 per month.

Minimum wage in Portugal

The minimum wage in Portugal varies depending on the region. Different country areas have different minimum wage levels based on living costs and economic conditions. Currently, there’re 3 separate minimum wage levels for the mainland and the autonomous regions of the Azores and Madeira.

Portugal has 3 minimum wage levels:

  1. The Azores region – €740.25 per month
  2. Madeira – €722 per month
  3. For the rest of the country – €841 per month

What is the minimum wage per hour in Portugal?

If you think about hourly pay, it would be around €5.26 per hour if you earn the minimum wage of €841. On the other hand, if you work in the Azores region, the minimum wage per hour would be €4.63. While in Madeira, the minimum hourly salary is €4.51.

Portugal's minimum wage after taxes

The net salary in Portugal is determined based on 3 factors:

  1. The gross salary
  2. Marital status
  3. Number of dependents

The minimum wage after taxes is €645 for a single person without children. This means that deductions of 11% for social security and 10.5% for taxes are taken from the gross minimum wage.

On the other hand, for a married person with 2 children, the minimum wage after taxes is €722. It takes into account the specific circumstances of being married with 2 children.

The 14-month salary system in Portugal

In Portugal, it’s common for workers to receive 14 monthly salaries per year instead of the traditional 12. This additional compensation is known as the subsídio de Natal (Christmas bonus) and the subsídio de férias (holiday bonus).

  • The Christmas bonus: typically paid in November or December and is equivalent to one month's salary. It’s intended to provide employees with extra income during the holiday season.

  • The holiday bonus: usually paid in June or July and also amounts to one month's salary. Its purpose is to help workers cover their expenses during the summer vacation period.

Note: Not all employment contracts may follow this 14-month payment structure and may provide salaries in 12 monthly installments instead.

What is Portugal's median income?

Portugal's median income is the middle point of how much people earn there. It's like finding the middle salary where half of the people make more and half make less. Median income gives us a fair idea of what an average person earns, without being skewed by high or low incomes.

Portugal’s median income is €2,598. So if you’re earning more than this, it’s a good indicator of being well-paid.

In Lisbon, the median salary is €2,590, indicating that half of the population earns less than this amount while the other half makes more.

Ultimately, while perceptions of a good salary can vary based on personal circumstances and expectations, the average salary in Portugal provides opportunities for a fulfilling lifestyle and the chance to enjoy the country's many advantages.

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