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Munich is a hotbed for many booming industries. Kickstart your career by finding out everything you need to know to find an internship in Munich!


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Updated on 23 Jun 2023

If you’re reading this, you've probably decided that your next academic adventure is going to take place in Germany! But in which city? Where else, but the ‘Milan of Germany’, Munich! Let’s take a look at what life is like for international interns in this diverse city and dive into the various industries that could be the destination for your internship abroad.

What type of internships can I find in Munich?

Before you decide if Munich is the right place to do your internship, it's good to know about the most developed industries in the city.

Top industries for internships in Munich

  • Automotive: If you’re building a career in logistics, then Bavaria is the place to be! Munich as a city and the greater area itself is home to some of the giants of the German automotive industry. Alongside these giants, you'll also find many of the companies that support and service providers that complete the automotive industry in the area.

  • Aerospace: Whether it’s drones, airplanes or even spacecraft, Munich's a hotspot for companies that cater to the aerospace industry. So if you’re all about software or like to tinker with your hands, Munich could be the place where your career.

  • IT: While pretty much every company has an IT department these days, Munich is home to a large number of companies that specialise in ICT services.So if your skills are in IC, Munich-based companies are a good way to start your career.

  • Biotechnology: On the western side of Munich you’ll find the Martinsried-Großhadern campus, which is one of the clusters containing some of the most renowned biotech companies in Germany. So if you’re all about the technology behind modern medicine, this is where you can inject your career with the perfect dose of success!

  • Media & telecom: 23 of the top 100 companies in the German media sector are Bavarian (, a number of which you can find in the city of Munich itself. With your polished communication or production skills, you’ll be sure to be able to put your career in the spotlight with an English speaking internship in the media landscape.

Top companies for English-speaking internships in Munich

Let's see which are the best companies for English-speaking internships in the capital of Bavaria.

  • BMW: a BMW internship in Munich means working for one of the most well-known car manufacturers in the world. German engineering has an extremely good reputation and this might just be the opportunity your lifetime! Make sure you switch into high gear with your internship application as positions at BMW are bound to be competitive.

  • Bayern München: This football giant offers a large variety of internships, from photography to marketing to software development. So, get the ball in your court and aim for the net!

  • ProSiebenSat.1 Media group: We're sure you’ve heard of ‘Germany’s Next Top Model’ and Dwayne Johnson? Well, they’re both part of the ProSiebenSat.1 family. If you want to work in any stage of a media production, an internship at ProSiebenSat.1 is sure to give you the opportunity to put your ideas in the spotlight at the millions of viewers their in-house productions reach on a daily basis!

  • MunichRe: One of the top providers of insurance services, a summer internship at MunichRe is the foundation of your career in the field. Whether you’re looking for a legal internship or looking to gain experience as an actuary, MunichRe has internships and thesis placements for you.

  • Airbus: One of the largest aerospace companies in the world, whose aircraft carry millions of people from country to country all over the world. Bring your best software, mechanical and aeronautical engineering skills on board and this aerospace internship might be the ticket that has your career cruise at great heights.

Top startups for international Munich internships

While not as flashy as an internship at the largest companies in the world, but guaranteed to teach you more than you thought possible, and internship at one of Munich’s booming startups is bound to get you going in your professional life. Let’s zoom in on 2 of Munich’s startup leaders.

  • Blickfeld: Blickfeld is a startup that focuses on 3D light detection and ranging (LiDAR) technology for the mobility industry. This allows machines like robots or cars to move on their own, by teaching them to ‘see’ their environment. Isn't that so cool? So, put your tech skills to the test to help develop the future, or go ahead and help them spread their message through a marketing internship.

  • KEWAZO: another startup that makes people’s lives easier! In this case, KEWAZO is sure to save construction workers a back pain with their automated logistics systems for construction sites. These include robotic elevators and automatic scaffolding construction. Let this company crunch your mechanical engineering know-how or help them bring their technology to more construction sites by interning with their sales team.

Excited about interning in Germany? To make your life easier when interning, find your student accommodation near your work and arrange your public transport card.

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