The Best Companies to Intern With in Italy


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Whether you’ve just graduated from university or it’s a requirement for your degree, an internship is always a great choice. Of course, there are many places where you can obtain this valuable real-world experience, but there are very few countries as exciting as Italy.

Italy boasts a number of diverse cities, ranging from historic and cultural hubs to __bustling metropolis. While most of the large cities are home to companies that offer internships, Milan, Florence and Turin__ definitely lead the list of prospects when looking for a placement abroad.

When it comes down to it, there are a number of things to keep in mind as you begin looking for an internship, including where it’s located, the culture of the city and the connections you can make while you’re there. So, let’s dig in and learn about the top internships in Italy, as well as a little practical information, too!

Finding a Rock-Star Internship in Italy

If you’re looking for an internship, you’re probably trying to find a way to kickstart your career. After all, the entire purpose of being an intern is to add to your professional tool kit and experience situations that just can’t be imitated in a classroom.

That’s right, you need real-world experience, and it doesn’t hurt if you can also expand your network and build a few business connections along the way. Many students who are still studying reach out to the appropriate departments for assistance in finding an internship.

However, this isn’t always a given. There are a lot of well-qualified individuals all competing for the same placements, and competition is stiffer than ever before. Plus, you’ll want to be sure look at your budget and be sure that you are completely organized before you go.

So, if you want a little bit of an edge, let’s look at the top opportunities in three of Italy’s meccas for internships abroad.


With the idea of moving to Milan on the table, you’re going to have your highest expectations met. This bustling, trendy city is known for its fashion, art and food, so it’s popular with the creative crowd, including entrepreneurs, designers, stylists and artists.

You can also expect diverse neighborhoods in Milan, with most offering an easy commute to the area’s top companies for an internship. Check out these five options:

  1. Fashion Week Internships - This is exactly what it sounds like! You can intern through this agency for well-known brands during the fashion highlight of the year.

  2. PayPal - An industry gamechanger, internships at PayPal are perfect for those with goals in customer service or financial sector.

  3. Accenture - An international leader and a Global 500 company, an intern can certainly network away in the fields of technology, consulting and more.

  4. Deloitte - Regularly heralded as one of the top four accounting companies on the planet, Deloitte offers unparalleled opportunities for those with business and financial goals.

  5. Michael Kors - This name probably needs no introduction, and fashionistas from all across the globe vie to intern for this unprecedented fashion experience.


When you begin thinking of relocating to Florence, know that you’ll find yourself surrounded by plenty of young internationals filled with ambition. Known for its art, culture and historic roots, Florence is an ideal place to intern, especially for those with fashion, financial and technical backgrounds.

Florence neighborhoods are also easily accessible via their public transportation system, so getting from Point A to Point B is a breeze. Here are five companies to explore:

  1. Landwell & Associates - A top legal firm in Italy, interns can work in various departments and network with the movers and shakers of the law world.

  2. PwC - Pricewaterhouse Coopers is the second largest professional firm in the world and is a must-try for anyone with business or financial dreams.

  3. Torrini - Established in 1369, this well-known jeweler occasionally takes on interns, but competition is fierce. So, be sure to apply early.

  4. Gucci - For anyone interested in fashion in Florence, this is the place to gain real-world experience in a fast-paced environment.

  5. Skechers - This international shoe brand offers internships in production, customer service and product management.


Making artistic Turin your new home-away-from-home during your placement abroad is a great plan. With its graffitied streets and a plethora of international businesses, it really is an excellent choice for any industry or niche:

  1. Accenture - This Global 500 company also has offices in Turin, offering exciting opportunities in the fields of technology, consulting and more.

  2. Oval Money - A popular financial app, Oval Money has options for interns in saving, investing and tracking your finances.

  3. Lavazza - Founded in 1895 in Turin, this leading coffee manufacturer can provide opportunities in business, customer service and product advancement.

  4. Martini & Rossi - A popular Italian beverage company, interns can seek opportunities to build on business and production skills, along with customer service and financials.

  5. Telecom Italia - One of the leading telecommunication companies in Italy and commonly simply called TIM, it provides real-world experience for those interested in this popular industry, as well as business and customer service fields.

Different Internships: Which Works Best for You?

Now that you know some of the best companies to intern with in Italy, you’ll need to learn about the types of internships that are typically available before you start looking for housing and making those travel arrangements. There are several differences to consider, including the length of the internship, as well as if it will be paid or unpaid. Plus, there are basically two primary types of companies with which to intern.


You can typically expect well-known international names, which means global experience. The competition will be tough, but you’ll have an awesome line for your CV. Plus, you’ll learn more specialized skills, which is ideal if you already have a game plan.


With an innovative culture and a young age, some interns can even work remotely. The competition may not be as high, and you will learn a wide range of skills, as that most startup team members wear multiple hats. This can look fantastic to an employer!

As you begin to look for placements abroad in Italy you’ll have a world of possibilities to consider. Plus, Italy’s population is comprised of 7.5% internationals, so you’ll be surrounded by ambitious, young expats who can cheer you along in your grand adventure! Enjoy!

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