Health insurance in France

EU/EEA Students

As long as you have a valid European Health Insurance Card, you will be given the same treatment, at the same cost, as French citizens. Note that even if healthcare is free in your home country, it may not be in France. It’s free to obtain an EHIC, and it’s the most sensible way to insure yourself when moving abroad to a fellow EU country.

Non-EU/EEA Students

Unfortunately, since health insurance is mandatory in France, if you are a student under the age of 28, you will have to apply for French Health Insurance. This will entitle you to exactly the same state health care as all French citizens. The cost is €215 per year and covers students from September 1st.

If this applies to you, you’ll be emailed by your university and given instructions for how to apply for insurance.

If you are over 28 years of age then you cannot benefit from this health care system. Check out PEE France or Assistance Etudiants for advice on how to take out insurance cheaply and comprehensively so that you’re still covered during your stay.

Interns and workers

As an official employee of a French company, you should be entitled to state health insurance. However, since French citizens are still required to pay for their treatment upfront (and be reimbursed), and often only to the amount of 70%, it’s common to take out a private health plan on top of your state policy.

Learn more about the French Social Security System and contact your employer to find out exactly how to proceed and get yourself insured!

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