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When you plan to rent a room in Eindhoven, you will find quite a variety of accommodation types that are available. You may want to rent a room or a studio, or perhaps you’re thinking about sharing an apartment, a house or even a villa with some of your new classmates.

However, the perfect space won’t just fall into your lap. Keep in mind that preparation is important, and beginning your search early is really key.


If you’re interested in a studio room, the typical price will run between €350 and €450 each month.

Besides the monthly rental fees, the landlord or agency may also ask for advance payments of the following:

  • Two month’s worth of rent payments
  • A deposit typically equal to one month’s worth of rental fees, which will be returned at the end of the agreement, as long as there is no damage to the property

Eindhoven Neighbourhoods

While Eindhoven may not be one of the largest cities in Europe, but it does have several different neighborhoods — each with its own unique characteristics. In fact, you can find six distinct areas to choose from when looking for student housing in Eindhoven.

  • City Centre

The City Centre is full of activities, along with businesses, restaurants and a large shopping mall, Heuvelgalerie. There are new apartments available for rent in this area, but keep in mind that they will be pricier than some of the other options in Eindhoven.

  • Woensel

Woensel is a great option if you want to be near Fontys University of Applied Sciences or the Eindhoven University of Technology. There’s also a fantastic market at Kruisstraat each Saturday, offering plenty of international wares.

  • Strijp

This area not only boasts the Philips Stadium, but it was where Philips was originally founded. There are plenty of houses once owned by the factory workers, as well as what’s known as Stijp-S, which was once a Philips industrial area and is now being renovated into a trendy cultural quarter.

  • Gestel

Situated right in between the Tongelreep and the Dommel Rivers, Gestel is also a nice option, especially if you like green spaces, like Genneper Parken. Everything is centered around Franz Leharsquare, where you’ll find dining and shops.

  • Stratum

Straum is located on the other side of Tongelreep River and Genneper Parken. It provides an eclectic mix of high-end housing and cheaper options, all in the same region.

  • Tongelre

Close to the city of Nuenen, this laid-back neighborhood, rich in cultural diversity, is a great area for international students moving to Eindhoven. It’s also close to the Tongelresestraat, as well as home to the DAF Museum.

Tips to Find Accommodation

  • Regularly check the university’s message boards.
  • Look for advertisements in large supermarkets or other public places.
  • Check the newspapers or online city pages for notices.
  • Network with other students to find out about available rentals, whether by word-of-mouth or via social media.
  • Use a trusted rental platform like Housing Anywhere.

Housing Anywhere offers a well-respected platform for students and landlords to connect. It advertises temporary furnished spaces for incoming international students who will be living in Eindhoven, or a vast array of other popular destinations, such as Utrecht, Rotterdam and Leiden.

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