Software Engineer? Why the Netherlands has the top companies for you


Updated on Mar 21 • 4 minute read

Congratulations! You’ve finished your courses and, perhaps after an internship abroad, you’re poised to take the professional world by storm. The Netherlands is a highly popular choice for expats seeking employment. In fact, according to the CBS national statistics office, anywhere between 39,000 and 75,000 expats are living and working in the Netherlands at any given time. And, if you’re looking for Software Engineering jobs in particular, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better working environment. There are a myriad of reasons why so many of the top companies have offices, locations and headquarters in this lively and enterprising country.

Selecting a locale in which to live and work can be a difficult decision, especially with so many high-tech countries springing up on the digital radar; take Germany and Finland for instance. However, the Netherlands is a unique option for a variety of reasons. Here’s why we think the Kingdom of the Netherlands should sit at the top of your list of countries in which to advance your career as a software engineer! Let’s learn more.

About the Netherlands

It’s true that the Netherlands is a beautifully picturesque country; vast stretches of land, dotted with windmills and criss-crossed with sparkling canals, make the country resemble a living, breathing postcard. But what you may not have realized is what an ideal place the Netherlands is to take on an internship, work at one of its ambitious startups or accept a senior role at a well-known organization. In short, expats are known to fall for this little kingdom in a heartbeat. So, when drawing up your checklist for moving to the Netherlands, be sure to keep the following in mind.


The residents of the Netherlands are known to be direct, making it much simpler to acclimatize to their culture.

Whether you explore houses for rent near Amsterdam or discover rental properties in Rotterdam, you'll quickly realise Dutch cities can provide electric environments for expats!

If you want to go for a smaller city, you can find houses to rent in Maastricht, a city in the south of the Netherlands, or search for homes to rent in Eindhoven. In Eindhoven you'll have an airport close by to help you explore other European cities like Berlin, Brussels and Paris.


If you’re hoping to do a little exploration outside business hours, the Netherlands is a supreme location from which to broaden your horizons and give your passport some daylight. Situated right in between Germany and Belgium, taking off on a weekend adventure is a popular and convenient activity, especially if you’re keen on popping over to Berlin or Brussels.


According to our safest cities rankings, Amsterdam comes in at an assuring number nine among the safest international cities. When you’re relocating to another country, the last thing you want to worry about is your well-being, so it’s also helpful to know that Business Insider ranks the entire country in the top 25. Thankfully, the Netherlands is not only consistently touted for its safety, but also for its low crime rate.


Whenever you move to a foreign country, it’s always advisable to learn the language basics before you actually arrive. However, last-minute studying can be stressful and courses can be pricey, meaning that ‒ prior to their big move ‒ many expats don’t always learn as many Dutch language tips as they intended. Therefore, it’s reassuring to know that, according to the EU’s most recent language report, 94% of the Dutch population speak a second language, with an impressive 90% speaking English. The Dutch are particularly adept at switching over from their native tongue to English, whenever they sense someone is having trouble understanding.

Work-Life Balance

When you’re looking toward the Netherlands for Software Engineering jobs, another benefit that may be advantageous is the work-life balance. The Dutch are most definitely hard-working people, but they prefer to be extremely dedicated and complete more work in less time. On average, most full-time positions equal 35-hour weeks, leaving plenty of time for home life, activities and travel.

Benefits of Working in the Netherlands

Statistics show that the Netherlands has the second highest need for software engineers in the world. So, beyond the people themselves and the numerous benefits to working in such an international and forward-thinking nation, there are several reasons why taking a position in the Netherlands can be the best move for your engineering career.

The 30 Percent Ruling

This reimbursement ruling is a huge draw for expats to seek employment in the Netherlands. This advantage applies to highly-skilled migrants who are relocating for a specific role, as long as certain criteria is met. The company can then provide a tax-free allowance that is equal to 30% of the employee’s gross pay; in other words, if you qualify for this ruling, you are only taxed for 70% of your salary. Not bad!

As you can imagine, this is a huge incentive for workers to take up residence in the Netherlands. However, it is also reason enough for new startups and aspiring corporations to base themselves in the country, especially with a steady stream of highly skilled expats as potential applicants.


Studies from Payscale show that on average, software engineers in Amsterdam make €48,431 per year, but commonly reach €66,283. Averages in other nearby countries start at €31,000, but with the average throughout Europe set at €42,993, it’s easy to see why working as a software engineer in the Netherlands can be much more profitable.

International Companies

The Netherlands boasts, not only some of the best international companies on the planet, but countless tech businesses, the majority of which employ engineers from around the world. A few you should pay special attention to include:

  • Airbus - To work here, you'll need to locate homes for rent in Leiden
  • Google - This office is based in Amsterdam
  • Oracle - Find rental homes in Utrecht and you'll be able to work at Oracle
  • IBM - This office is based in Amsterdam
  • Cisco - This office is based in Amsterdam
  • LinkedIn - This office is based in Amsterdam
  • Apple - This office is based in Amsterdam
  • Intel - Their offices are based in Amsterdam and Eindhoven
  • Microsoft - To work here, it's wise to explore houses for rent in Schiphol
  • Verizon - This office is based in Amsterdam

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As you explore your options as a new or seasoned software engineer, it becomes apparent that the Netherlands can provide unique opportunities that may not be readily available in other countries. With such a wonderful quality of life, the Netherlands has a pull that few can resist!