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English-speaking jobs in Düsseldorf are as abundant as the amount of Alt beers at the longest bar in the Old Town of Düsseldorf. To be fair, most people wouldn't think that Düsseldorf, of all places, is one of the most international cities in Germany, right?

Numerous international companies from Asia, in particular, have set up their European headquarters in Düsseldorf, the metropolis on the Rhine. And with its creative streak, artists and agencies also feel at home here.

You can see for yourself: in the midst of the many international companies in Düsseldorf, you're sure to find a lot of English-speaking jobs in Düsseldorf.

Let us show you what we've got in store for you! Get your application folder ready, we're about to get you writing your first application.

The top 15 international companies in Düsseldorf

While you’re free to seek your chance in a German company, the odds that you'll run into language barriers are high. So why don't you try one of the many international companies in Düsseldorf?

It's not without reason that internationals from Asia are getting a foothold in the German labour market in no time.

Check out the top 15 international companies in Düsseldorf:

  1. SONY: With a diverse portfolio ranging from consumer electronics and smartphones to music and financial services, Sony has one thing in mind: 'to fill the world with emotion, through the power of creativity and technology’. Can you picture yourself here?

  2. UBISOFT BLUE BYTE: The German computer game developer is one of the top-notch active companies in the German computer game industry. In Düsseldorf, the team specialises mainly in programming, game & level design, HR, art, finance IT, animation, project and quality management.

  3. Henkel: The German manufacturer of consumer goods focuses on Laundry & Home Care, Beauty Care and Adhesive Technologies.

  4. Ericsson: Pretty much all the big telecommunications companies like Deutsche Telekom or Vodafone are among the customers of Ericsson, the big Swedish network equipment supplier.

  5. Trivago: The world's largest hotel meta-search engine has set up offices in the Medienhafen. Fancy a getaway from work? At Trivago, it's no secret that your next holiday is on the horizon!

  6. ESPRIT: With this fashion company, it becomes clear that Düsseldorf has Asian ties: Esprit has its headquarters in Hong Kong as well as one in Düsseldorf. In Esprit-Allee, the focus here is primarily on sportswear for ESPRIT.

  7. Schenker: The pioneer in supply chain management: Schenker handles all transport and logistics services for the DB Group.

  8. C&A: As you can see, Düsseldorf is where the fashion industry meets. So if you're into fashion, the clothing company C&A might be something for you!

  9. Johnson Control: Efficiency is what Germans are all about. You'll probably find twice as much efficiency at Johnson Control, with a focus on the ‘Building Efficiency', 'Automotive Experience' and 'Power Solutions' divisions.

  10. L'Oréal: The crème de la crème, the world market leader in cosmetics. Over 30 brands and probably at least half of your cosmetics cabinet belongs to L'Oréal. If you're into cosmetics and want to learn from the experts, L'Oréal is the place to be.

  11. Toshiba: The Asian technology group is the world's largest manufacturer of electrical and electronic equipment. Headquartered in Germany, its main focus is on products in the field of information technology and office equipment.

  12. RWE: A company that makes electricity - clean, safe and affordable, according to its own statements. The energy supply company is one of the largest four in Germany.

  13. EON: The energy supply company puts all its energy into energy networks, energy services, renewable energies and the operation and dismantling of German nuclear power plants.

  14. Boston Consulting Group: One of the renowned 'Big Three' consulting firms. The globally active management and strategy consulting firm also have its headquarters in Düsseldorf.

  15. Deloitte: Probably known to most: Deloitte focuses on auditing, risk advisory, tax advisory, financial advisory and consulting for companies and institutions from all sectors of the economy.

The 6 best websites to find English-speaking jobs in Düsseldorf

Cut to the chase: as an international without German language skills, it doesn't pay to apply for jobs that require you to be a native German speaker. So where do all the English speaking jobs in Dusseldorf get posted?

More and more, companies in Germany are searching for candidates who speak a high level of English (if you're lucky, they might even be looking for your native language if it's not English!), someone with an international mindset, with experience in an international context, and who has studied outside of Germany.

Here are the best websites for finding English-speaking jobs in Düsseldorf:

  • Stepstone is the largest search engine for job seekers in Germany and usually the first place for companies to post jobs. Once you type in your job title, competence or company name and enter Düsseldorf as the location and search, you can then filter by language (English or German).
  • XING: The German version of LinkedIn, so to speak. Create a profile here and use it to build up contacts and find jobs.
  • LinkedIn: Talking about social networks: Yes, LinkedIn also exists in Germany, but it is still much less popular than Xing. Nevertheless, English-language jobs in Düsseldorf are posted here in particular.
  • Just type 'English' into the search bar and you will find English-speaking jobs in Düsseldorf.
  • With this search engine you might find your new job in no time. Just type 'English' into the search bar and get started.
  • The international search engine Indeed finds job offers pretty much everywhere in the world, including Germany.

So what are you waiting for? Polish up your application file for your job search and let's go!

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