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  • Founded in 1088

  • Ranking: QS World Universities 2017 - 208/900

  • 82,000 Students

  • 5,000 International students

  • Staff: 3,000

  • Offers 71 International Degrees

  • Has partnered with Housing Anywhere since September 2012

General Information

Campus facilities

Bologna is easily considered to be a real hub for university life, especially playing host to the University of Bologna. The university has five campuses located in multiple cities, including Bologna, Ravenna, Cesena, Rimini and Forlì. There’s aso a campus located in the city center of Buenos Aires. The university consists of 11 different schools with 33 different departments, along with 12 centers for training and research facilities.

Each school is located in its particular city’s center, which makes it a breeze when trying to figure out how to get around. It’s also easy to get from one center or facility to the next. Each school also has its own community rooms and libraries, making sure that you have plenty of places to study with friends.

If fitness is a big part of your life or you like to stay involved in activities, Prime and Healthcity are very large gyms offering state-of-the-art facilities. There is also a dance center, where you can learn everything from salsa to ballroom dancing.


New students have the hard choice of planning their university schedule from 210 Bachelor and Masters courses. Some of the primary schools include: Political Science, Medicine, Law, Engineering and Architecture, Economy, Psychology, Pharmacy, Science, Literature, Vet and Languages and Translations. Take a look at more than 200 degree programs that are offered.

If your native tongue is English, you are in luck. The University of Bologna proudly offers many highly recognized courses taught in English. Plus, students of the university have many options to brush up on international languages while developing other skills.

International dimension

Each year, over 5,000 international students choose the University of Bologna as their higher learning institution. In fact, it is widely considered to be the most internationally recognized university in the country. As that students can obtain over 70 degrees from courses that are taught in English, the university is very popular for English speaking natives. Many exchange programs are offered, along with overseas programs, Erasmus+, Erasmus Mundo, and summer and winter schools. These are but a few reasons that the University of Bologna is such a widely popular choice.

How to get to the university

Except for just a few departments, most of the classrooms and administration offices are located conveniently on campus at the city center. In Bologna, the city center is the entire area that is located within the ancient walls and the well-known doors (Porte), which includes a lot of space. Three of the largest schools (Law, Literature and Economy) are in Via Zamboni. The Schools of Political Science and Languages are based in Strada Maggiore and Via Cartolerie.

If you are coming from the rail station to the southern Door (Porta Saragozza and Porta Castglione), it is less than a 45-minute commute. And if you’d prefer, most departments and classrooms are easily accessible on foot or by bicycle. There are also numerous bus lines to get you to your destination a bit faster as well. Bus lines 32 and 33, known as the "circolare", have routes all around the ancient walls of the city. With these wonderful methods of transportation, everything is in close proximity in Bologna.

University Accommodation

Student Neighbourhoods

Sometimes locals say that true Bolognesi people don’t really exist in the city center, as that so much of the population is comprised of students, with a large portion of that number being international students. In fact, many of the locals have even moved off to the suburbs, deciding to rent their city homes to those studying at the university.

Anytime you move to a new city, there will be an adjustment time, where you get settled and learn about the new culture now surrounding you. However, many students add that after a short period, Bologna really does feel like home! When you’re looking for housing, there are four main neighborhoods to choose from: "inside the wall", south Bologna in Porta San Felice, Bolognia to the north and San Donato to the southeast.

Bolognina, especially, is host to a large population of immigrants who have chosen to call this area "home". It also accommodates students, young families, artists and an older population, which results in a phenomenal melting pot of culture.

San Donato is known as the area for working class individuals and families, keeping prices low. This makes the area very popular with students and those on a budget.

Close to San Donato, the southern areas are also hot spots for international and local students alike. Via Murri and Giardini Margherita boast amenities like plenty of shopping, cinemas and the well-known Sterlino swimming pool. Via Murri and all the southern areas close to the Giardini Margherita are also common student areas. Keep in mind that Via Murri is great for those needing parking.

Common housing practices

Sometimes the thought of sharing an apartment or a room with a virtual stranger might seem like a rather awkward notion. However, in Bologna, this is actually a very common practice. Many students, especially those who are international, really enjoy having the company. Plus, it can help both parties save a lot of money. Double rooms are typically priced between 200€ to 350€, with single rooms quite a bit higher at 350€ to 500€. Can you see the savings?

Don’t hesitate to find cheap student accommodation in Bologna using HousingAnywhere! You will easily be able to find housing in one of Bologna’s vibrantly populated student areas, like around the ancient walls or in the northeast or southeast. Plus, we have informative, useful tips on our site to help international students become adjusted to their new homes. Be sure to give it a try!

Student Associations

Since the University of Bologna is rated so highly in Italy, it also offers several associations and programs to really help you feel at home in your new surroundings. The two most popular are ESEG Erasmusland Bologna and ESN Bologna.

However, if you are studying law, be sure to get involved immediately with ELSA Bologna, one of our highly acclaimed partners. Another one of our affiliates is AIESEC Bologna, which will definitely ensure that you stay active in student life through volunteering and experiencing programs to help you in your intended profession.

With so many organizations and programs to choose from, you will always be able to find events to fill up your spare time.

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