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There's a vast choice of volunteer work in Berlin. Be it nature, people or animals, find your voluntary work in Berlin.


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Updated on 19 Dec 2023

Volunteer work in Berlin gives just about anyone the chance to find their jigsaw piece to help create a fairer world together. This vibrant city holds all keys to immerse yourself in volunteer work, no matter whether you speak German or feel at ease in English.

Through volunteering in Berlin, you’ll bump into like-minded peers to help make a social or sustainable contribution together. Let us explore your possibilities and give you a touch of inspiration about the volunteer work that awaits you in Berlin!

What's volunteer work like in Berlin?

Did you know that most newcomers in Berlin discover their passion for social engagement? In fact, odds are that you too will want to dive into sustainability, strive for more social justice or seek to create equality between nations or genders.

Berlin's vibrant diversity is clearly reflected in the opportunities for volunteer work in Berlin: whether you want to work with people, animals or nature, you’ll find the matching organisation for you.

So, social impact certainly adds up to a true Berlin attitude to life!

What volunteer opportunities in Berlin are waiting for you?

Long story short: endless possibilities! There's no excuse in Berlin for not finding the matching volunteer work for you. You can bring a feeling of home to refugees in Berlin, fill people' stomachs with the soup kitchen in Berlin or simply let the artist inside you run free with Open Music.

Several platforms list current opportunities for volunteer work in Berlin. With just a few filters you can find the right project for you in no time:

Let's take a closer look at volunteer work in Berlin in social and sustainable areas!

Volunteer work in Berlin to fight poverty and discrimination

Everyone deserves a warm meal a day, no ifs and buts. The soup kitchen in Berlin assures that homeless people can count on filling their stomachs at least once a day and in doing so offers them a reliable point of contact.Would you like to swing the cooking spoon or serve homeless people a meal prepared with lots of love?

Luckily, there are several food stands or soup kitchens in Berlin, which can be found in just about every part of the city. Hilfelotse in Berlin has an overview of all soup kitchens in Berlin!

  • Berliner Tafel

At the Tafel (good to know: Tafel means dining table), low-income families or individuals are free to pick up groceries for a symbolic contribution. This nationwide association has made it possible to do grocery purchases with ease for little money. Do you like to sort and distribute food? Then the Berliner Tafel might be a great alternative (or additional activity) to the soup kitchen in Berlin.

Just visit the website here Berliner Tafel e.V. or send an e-mail to

  • Familienzentrum Adalbertstraße

Families and young people come together in the Familienzentrum Adalbertstraße in Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg to share experiences, gain more knowledge or get advice. Your scope of activities comprises various areas: From social counselling to babysitting groups or parent-child gymnastics, there are more than 70 projects you can support.


This global organization should sound familiar to you: UNICEF helps deprived people all over the world. And with your volunteer work in Berlin, you can make your contribution to helping children all over the world to live a better life. Most times, UNICEF even organizes a forum where you can dive into almost any field and help where your heart beats for.

Volunteer work in Berlin for more social justice and integration

  • Imagine Foundation

Who better to understand the situation of talented young people who are ready to leave home to experience a dream abroad, if not you? You can support the aspiring talents in their search for jobs or even coach them yourself. And of course, you can pass on your expertise and experience.

  • ReDi Digital Women Program

One term, two words: Female Empowerment. And ReDi Digital Women Program is at the cutting edge here! This program is designed to improve the integration of women into the German labour market and sharpen their technical skills. So if you have a knack for computer science, coding or basic cyber safety or graphic design, you can pass on your knowledge - also in English - to women.

A platform where women from Berlin form a bridge between women with a refugee background. The idea is to create a feeling of home for the refugees, a place where they can finally settle down, feel accepted and ultimately feel a bit of normality. Take your place to help out, have a coffee with the women, assist with the registration or learn German together.

  • Discover Football

Whilst the World Cup or European Championship is only about men's soccer, women usually take the backseat. For instance, how many people followed the World Cup for women? And this despite women kicking the ball just as good as men. Discover Football connects women who love soccer and breaks down gender barriers. Women train together here and combine major events related to soccer.

Volunteer Work in Berlin in sustainability and animal welfare

Joining forces to tackle the throwaway culture, that's the goal of the "Repair Café". In our fast-paced world, we tend to just throw away and replace rather than repairing something simply because it's too convenient. With your deft hands, you can fix broken items in the "Repair Café" by yourself or in a group - and give the broken items a second life.

  • ANIMALS United E.V.

Along with London, Berlin is the metropolis with the greatest variety of vegans: From 371 vegan restaurants, you’ll find animal-free alternatives for just about every food, from curry sausage to kebab. And after your first year in Berlin, the sustainable and animal-friendly lifestyle of the Berliners will captivate you more than ever. See how you eat lentil pasta instead of wheat pasta, grab organic vegetables and stop trying industrial meat. Berlin keeps opening its citizens' eyes, and one reason for this is certainly the numerous organizations that raise awareness. So does Animals United, which educates its fellow citizens about animal welfare.

Does animal welfare concern you? Then use your powers of persuasion and join us here!

Volunteer work in art & culture


Art and culture paired with civic engagement are just what you're all about? Creative minds come together in HANGAR1 in the Tempelfhofer Feld and try to quench their thirst for inspiration. Especially young people are encouraged to live out their creativity in Hangar1. So how can you help here? Hangar1 always needs volunteers to keep the café alive.

  • Open Music You simply can't keep your fingers still when you have a guitar near you? Great, in Open music volunteers with a sense of rhythm, get together and learn or teach music, dive into the hard beat of DJing or form a band. So, if you want to impress others with your tunes, you've found the right place.

Hint: If you are staying in the city to volunteer for a limited time, you can conveniently rent fully furnished flats in Berlin.

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