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Your historic flat in Berlin has no artistic flair yet and misses a touch of the urban jungle? With second-hand furniture in Berlin you really top off that urban look for your new home.

Second-hand furniture in Berlin can be a true bliss for expats and students who make Berlin their home base for only a short period of time. What's more, second-hand furniture gives you a taste of typical Berlin flair: understatement, casualness and vintage. Ready to dive into vintage heaven?

Furniture in Berlin: How to make your place more homely

Your Späti of choice has been found, the barista at your corner café knows you, but your flat is missing the finishing touches to fully settle in Berlin?

To be fair: Fully furnished flats are convenient for internationals who just live in Berlin for a limited time only; however, if you feel like treating your Dr Martens to a break in an extra shoe drawer until the next time to Berghain, if you simply want to place your plants at a high table or simply bring a personal touch to your home in Berlin, then you can find true gems among the many pieces of second-Hand furniture in Berlin.

Furniture in Berlin isn't only to be picked up in the usual furniture shops like IKEA but particularly at flea markets, online forums and some top vintage stops for some low-budget unique pieces!

5 vintage shops with second-hand furniture in Berlin

1. Wollen Möbel kaufen?: Paradise for nostalgics and the curious. This second-hand furniture shop in Berlin-Friedrichshain can be found in an old caravan, with one treasure lined up after another. For some pieces, you might have to dig a little deeper into your pocket, while others are true bargains!

Revaler Straße 99, 10245 Berlin-Friedrichshain (Mon, Wed, Sat: 12 - 19 hrs)

2. Vintage Galore: Scandinavia is the epitome of fashionable furniture. At Vintage Galore you will find well-preserved, individual and high-quality wooden furniture.

Sanderstraße 12, 12047 Berlin-Neukölln (Wednesday - Friday, 2 - 8 pm; Saturday 12 - 6 pm)

3. Esthetiko: Well filled without looking messy. Between design classics and simple objects, you can find your personal twist for your flat in Berlin.

Lüderitzstraße 6, 13351 Berlin-Wedding (Wednesday - Friday: 14.00 - 19.00, Saturday 12.00 - 16.00)

4. Pony Hütchen: Feels just like at grandparents' home! Amidst typical granny chairs, fabric lamps and wooden chests you fetch a typical Berlin grandparents' flair into your place.

Pücklerstrasse 33, 10997 Berlin-Kreuzberg

5. Motz - Der Laden: Between rummage and clutter there are true treasures that can add charm to your home. What's best: with every purchase you do something good. Many Berliners know Motz as a street magazine that is sold by homeless people in Berlin.

Friedrichstraße 226, 10969 Berlin-Kreuzberg

Not the right one? Here you can find all the second-hand furniture stores in Berlin close to you!

Furniture stores in Berlin

Even in the regular furniture stores in Berlin, there are plenty of bargains to be had! Among the big furniture stores in Berlin are obviously IKEA (low price, good design), Möbel Hübner (high quality at fair prices) or Poco Domäne (unbeatable price and fair quality).

1. IKEA: Bet you can't make it through IKEA and end up buying only the things you actually plan to buy? Face it, you're easily tempted by IKEA and you spend more than you expected. However, here you can truly find everything you can think of. From the soup spoon that may be missing in your flat to the cosy couch. What's more: If you glance through the Fundgrube (“treasure trove”), you will find exhibits or slightly broken products at a reasonable price! You can find IKEA in Berlin in Spandau, Tempelhof and Lichtenberg.

2. Möbel Hübner: Spread over 10 floors there are high-quality sofas, vases and chairs just waiting for you to be picked out.

3. Poco Domäne: A dream for bargain hunters! Poco Domäne is probably the go-to furniture store in Berlin for small wallets. In Marzahn, Kreuzberg and Wedding Poco Domäne are waiting for you!

Flea markets as a paradise for second-hand furniture in Berlin

Oh yes, at Berlin's flea markets you get more than vintage jackets and grandpa's old books: flea markets are the hub for used furniture, where you can also find second-hand furniture in Berlin, sofas or chairs amidst vinyl records and art frames.

Flea markets are great: for strolling, haggling and discovering. Many times used furniture slumbers on Berlin flea markets, which have already served generation after generation and are of superb quality. And all this at a low price!

1. Mauerpark: Every Berliner has probably already been to the flea market in Mauerpark, every tourist probably has as well. In the heart of hip Prenzlauer Berg, you can stroll here every Sunday between 8 am and 18 pm over the flea market, between live music and mulled wine you can see the latest second-hand treasures in Berlin.

To get to the Mauerpark, simply take the U2 (stop: Eberswalderstraße) or the M10 train (stop: Friedrich-Ludwig-Jahn-Sportpark).

2. Boxhagen flea market: Your heart for decoration beats faster here: At the Boxhagen flea market, you will find all kinds of gems to give your home a personal twist.

The flea market is located in the heart of Friedrichshain, very close to the Grünwalder Straße stop (M10).

3. Leopoldplatz: On Leopoldplatz in Berlin-Wedding there are real old treasures to discover. And more than the usual flea market junk food: looking for a fishing rod and a tent for your getaway weekend outside Berlin? No problem. Furniture, clothes? On Leopoldplatz, there are up to 70 traders putting up their flea market tables on the square for you.

(Leopoldplatz, 13353 Berlin-Wedding)

4. Flea market Arkonaplatz: Those who feel the Mauerpark too chaotic and crowded should go to its little brother every Sunday between 10 am and 4 pm: The flea market on Arkonaplatz.

(Arkonaplatz, 10435 Berlin)

5. Kranoldplatz flea market: Dive into the new and old treasures of Berlin. At the large Kranoldplatz flea market in Neukölln, you can rummage through just about anything that other Berliners have left behind

(Kranoldplatz, 12051 Berlin).

Pro-Tip: A chair, vases or your soup ladle is easy to carry on your bike. But if you are looking for a new desk or other second-hand furniture at one of the flea markets in Berlin, you might want to consider Carsharing!

Get free furniture in Berlin online

Free furniture in Berlin? Say no more! With a pinch of luck, you can even snatch furniture in Berlin for free! It's no secret though that when there's something for free, people speed up. That's why you shouldn't hesitate long and contact people directly.

On Facebook you have these groups for free furniture in Berlin:

So, it's time to bring the Berlin vintage flair of understatement and casualness into your home!

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