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Well, the time has come, and you may be finding yourself reading all of the information that you can about studying abroad and what exactly that entails. With so many viable options throughout Europe, Italy definitely stands out as a unique and beautiful destination for your studies, simply packed with prestigious universities and even more opportunities to further your education and build a well-informed professional circle.

While there are several very appealing university cities in Italy, such as Florence and Pisa, one of the most popular locales for international exchange is actually the lovely coastal city of Ancona. This town has a population full of young people, making it a thriving, bustling student center.

Fields of Interest

As you begin to gather information about Ancona, it’s best first to make sure that courses are offered to fit your intended area of study. Your university more than likely has partnerships with learning institutions located in Ancona, with one of the most popular being the Università Politecnica delle Marche.

UNIVP has five well-established faculties, including Engineering, Medicine and Surgery, Sciences, Agriculture and Economics, with each offering courses to assist in working toward both bachelor’s and master’s degrees. In Italy, three years are required to earn a bachelor’s degree, with an additional two years for a master’s. If you have opted for a course within the field of medicine, five years are needed to earn a degree.

As with most universities, the academic year is divided into two equal semesters. Each semester will culminate in a period for exams, and, depending on the subject material, midterm testing may be required as well. So, prepare for late-night study sessions, as well as a grand celebration once it’s all over!

Tips for Keeping Up

When you’re an incoming international student, it may take a bit of time to acclimate to the manner in which most Italian students study. Throughout most of Italy, the universities primarily base their learning processes on studying directly from the textbooks, instead of a greater focus being placed on presentations and lectures.

So it’s important to start really studying from the beginning of the semester, so as not to fall behind as time progresses. You can’t always just simply borrow a friend’s study notes to catch up. Keep in mind that many student associations offer assistance to exchange students, sometimes pairing up new transfers with local students who can “show them the ropes,” so to speak.

As you can probably see, textbooks are essential when studying at an Italian university. To stick to a budget, there are a few copy shops near the university, offering photocopied books called “copisterie,” which can offer quite a savings. Additionally, you can find the course materials on the university’s online platform. You can then print everything that you will need at one of the campus’ computer rooms, since students may print 500 pages each year at no cost to them.

Places to Study

Finding a quiet, comfortable place to study can make all of the difference when you’re becoming accustomed to a new university, city and maybe even country. Each of the university faculties have their own libraries, where you can almost always find a quiet corner to set up for a long afternoon, along with a few extra rooms that are quite suitable when studying in a group. There's also an additional library located conveniently in the city center.

Keep in mind that all of the libraries are closed on Sunday. However, many of the student associations and organizations are working together to encourage the university to offer open hours throughout the entire weekend, so that students may take advantage of this additional study time.

At the Economics faculty, there is also a lovely lawn that is ideal for studying during the warm spring and summer months. This is also a great place to meet other students and form study groups.

University Dining

You may already have some experience with dashing from one class to the next, with only a few moments to grab a quick bite to eat. There are several snack machines dotted throughout the campus, and each faculty boasts their own bar, where you can have a coffee or a fast snack, like the super-tasty chocolate muffins.

You can also have breakfast or lunch right on campus, where budget-friendly meal options are offered. But don’t forget to get out to explore the delicious restaurants in Ancona, some situated but a few steps from the university’s campus.

Finding Housing

There are numerous things to do when moving to a new city for international exchange, along with a myriad of preparations to make. However, none can be more important than finding the housing that best suits your needs. Many students opt to share an apartment or flat with other students at the university, which can really help cut down on costs. While there is limited space and often a waiting list, there are also dorm rooms available at the university.

Perhaps you want to live in the middle of the action, or maybe you’d prefer a space that’s more budget-conscious. Whatever your needs may be, you can search for accommodation in Ancona, or anywhere else for that matter!

As you continue to prepare for your move to Ancona, remember that this is going to be one of the most gratifying adventures of your life. So, be sure to be prepared before you go, leaving you more time to spend making new friends, studying in your field of interest or exploring this vibrant city. Congratulations on an excellent choice!

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