5 Moving Tips That Will Make Your Life So Much Easier


Updated on Jan 17 • 2 minute read

Preparing for a move can be exceptionally stressful, especially when it's abroad to a new country. In fact, the Employee Relations Council allegedly positioned moving as the third most unpleasant life occasion, following behind death and divorce. But it doesn't have to be a pain if you plan your move effectively so we've come up with 5 moving tips which will make the process of packing a breeze!

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Moving Tip 1: Start early.

Moving is a time-consuming process, especially because of the time associated with packing up every one of the rooms of your current house. People are regularly astonished by exactly to what extent it can take to prepare things sorted out and to go. They wind up coming up short on time and "slamming together" the last parts of the move. This can cause huge issues toward the finish of the process.

Many people require at least a month to prepare. That is because it often takes several hours per room to pack. An average college student takes 5 to 6 hours to pack a dorm room. Although dorm rooms aren’t that big, there is a lot of stuff that has to be packed.

Moving Tip 2: Use a moving checklist and organizer

The most helpful tools to help you move are a moving checklist and moving organizer. A moving checklist is simply a to-do list that you can use during your move. Next to the moving checklist, you can use a kind of calender/moving organizer to keep track of all the tasks on the moving checklist.

Moving Tip 3: Mark the “open me first” boxes/suitcases

The unpacking part of moving is also one of the biggest hassles. You need to quickly find the things you need first in your new place and we have the best solution to do so.

For each person moving, create a suitcase or backpack filled with the most necessary stuff you would need if you were going on a small vacation. This can include a few changes of clothes, plus toiletries, prescriptions, eyeglasses and other vital items. Next to the suitcase or backpack create an “open me first” box for every other room. Label the box with another color so you can quickly find the box as soon as you arrive in your new place. Handy things in the “open me first” box can be soap, towels, toilet paper, coffee maker, plates and other kitchen stuff.

Moving Tip 4: Don’t pack it if you don’t need it

Most people have trouble distancing themselves from items they don’t even need. This makes unpacking even harder and more time-consuming. Follow these rules to make your unpacking easier:

  • Separate out the items you can live without into boxes marked “For Sale”/
  • Get rid of broken items altogether
  • Donate usable clothing to charity
  • Hold a moving sale as a goodbye party
  • Call a charity service to take stuff you couldn’t sell

Moving Tip 5: Consider Having Professional Help

You may want to consider having professional movers help as well. While you can save some money when you do the job with friends and family members helping, you'll still have costs to consider. If you do the job yourself, you'll have to purchase boxes, packing materials, and you'll need to rent a truck and moving equipment. In many cases, there are cheaper moving company’s that can actually cut huge costs of your moving. Professionals will take care of everything for you, loading and unloading, and that can be very handy if you don't have a lot of friends or family members around to help you out.

Moving can be challenging, especially for first time home buyers. If you follow these general tips, you'll be well-positioned to make your move stress-free.

Budgetverhuisservice.nl wishes you good luck with your upcoming move!