How it works


Free to use. Easy to set up. Fast to claim. Money in your bank account within a few days.

LeaseProtection is designed to replace outdated security deposits, reducing move-in friction and enhancing protection on every lease.

Get 6x protection for loss of income

Have tenants overusing utilities, or leaving before the contract ends? Claim up to 6 times the monthly rent for missed rent payments, unpaid utility bills, and property damage.

No more hassles over deposit refunds

Tired of answering questions around deposit refunds? Never again have to deal with the administrative overhead of collecting, storing, and returning security deposits.

Quick and easy claims, anytime

Wasting time between tenancies instead of renting out sooner? Save money and time with a quick, easy claims process done entirely online. Get your money in your bank account within 48 hours.

LeaseProtection will cost nothing for you or your property. The tenant will pay a one-time deposit-waiver fee with the booking amount, replacing any deposit.

Unpaid rent or utilities

Covereage of up to 6 times the monthly rent in case of unpaid rent or overuse of utilities.

Unforeseen costs

Anything that makes your property hard to live in or reduces its value. E.g., broken kitchen appliances, holes in the walls.

Theft by tenant

If your tenant steals anything in the house, claim up to the maximum coverage amount.

Move tenants in faster. Get better financial protection.

Eliminates expensive deposits leading to faster move-in.

Native booking integration — No separate billing process for renters or advertisers.

Reduces deposit administration and regulatory risk.

Increases your value proposition making you stand out from competitors.

Improves customer experience leading to happier renters.

No negative review or move-out experience.

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