Finding a place to rent in Tilburg

Tilburg’s popularity is growing with each year, ushering in more and more international students who are relocating for an international exchange. So, you can probably imagine that it is becoming increasingly difficult to find housing.

Sometimes the university may be able to assign you a room, but you will have no choice of roommates or location, and there’s often a waiting list. But have no fear! There are other ways to find a room or an apartment in Tilburg that meets your needs!

Looking for a place

When you begin searching for housing in Tilburg, there are definitely a few questions that you should be sure to ask:

  • Is the rent considered inclusive or exclusive’?

Inclusive rent includes all of the utilities, including water, gas, electricity and often Wi-Fi, in the total price. With exclusive rent, your price does not include anything but the rent payment, and it does not include any utilities, and perhaps not even taxes.

  • Should you officially register at the municipality, or the Gemeente, before renting your Tilburg apartment or room?

You will need to register before you can receive your BSN social number. This will also be required to gain employment, set up a bank account and pay for health insurance.

  • Will the apartment be furnished?

When an apartment is furnished, keep in mind that the quality of the furniture can vary. It can sometimes include only a bed and a desk, or sometimes you may have a sitting area and super-fast Wi-Fi. If the apartment comes unfurnished, you can find inexpensive furniture many different ways.

  • Have you read the fine print on the rental agreement?

It is of the highest importance to ensure that you not only read the entire contract but that you understand every word. You don’t want to have to pay repair bills because you hung pictures on the walls or added a new lighting fixture. Also, be sure to learn about any possibilities for cancellations or extensions of the agreement, and find out about any required documents that you will need to finalize the contract.

Room prices

If you’re worried about your budget, you’ll be glad to hear that Tilburg is a less-expensive option, especially when compared to areas like The Hague or Amsterdam. You should begin your search online, where it is more likely that you will find an affordable price. Yet, if it’s busy season, it might prove to be rather difficult to secure a room, especially if you’re on a strict budget. It might also make a big difference if you must have a furnished room.

A typical room in Tilburg generally costs between €350 to €700 a month. If the utilities are not included, such as water, gas, electricity or internet, it can add to the monthly costs. Most rental agreements last between six months and one year, which are the usual time periods for international studies or a business internship.

Remember that what can influence the price primarily is the location. So, let’s take a look at the many exciting neighborhoods of Tilburg!

Neighborhoods in Tilburg

  • City Center This area is bustling with excitement, with plenty of shopping, dining and nightlife. However, it can also be quite noisy.

  • East of the Center Piushaven is extremely popular with students, offering upscale housing, mixed with a lively vibe. Tivoli and Armhoef are also favorites.

  • North of the Center Goirke and Besterd both offer nice areas, but there are also streets that you should avoid.

  • South of the Center Korvelseweg offers budget-conscious, international housing, but some areas are not safe. Bomenbuurt has a lot of younger families living in startup houses. You may also want to explore the upscale de Blaak.

  • West of the Center Reeshof offers nice housing the further west that you go, but there are also some undesirable areas as well.

5 tips to help you find housing in Tilburg

  • Allow sufficient time for your search.

Unfortunately, a lot of students procrastinate when it comes to looking for accommodation in Tilburg, waiting until the month before the big move. While this is never advised in any destination, Tilburg is definitely not a place where you can find a room at the last minute. Start looking at least three to four months ahead of time. This will not only help to avoid disappointment, but it will also ensure that you find a place that matches all of your preferences.

  • Begin to join Facebook groups and check out our website.

You will need any advantage that you can get when searching for housing in Tilburg. Be sure to check out some of Housing Anywhere’s Facebook groups that list rooms for rent. This is also a great way to find classmates who might be willing to split the expenses on an apartment.

Now, if you want to get instant updates on when a property that matches your preferences is listed, head on over to Housing Anywhere and see how it works! The chances are that you’ll find your new place in no time!

  • Check out what your new university offers. Some universities may offer support to their incoming students for finding housing, but the level of this assistance can greatly vary. While they are not typically the cheapest option, some universities have their own dormitories, along with complete departments dedicated to housing that can inform you of the qualifications that must be met, the types of accommodation and the prices of the rooms. A lot of universities do not rent out space at all, but they may be able to refer you to a trusted housing platform like Housing Anywhere, with networks of landlords who will rent to students. Some of the student associations may also provide notice boards or links to advertisements. This can also provide you with an average amount that you should budget for rent. Additionally, if you are going to be an exchange student, the international office at your current university may also be able to provide you with information. You may also be able to connect with former exchange students, perhaps even ones from your intended destination, who can offer some useful information and support.

  • Be willing to go the extra mile.

You can actually take this quite literally. Some of the best-priced apartments or the most spacious rooms may be an extra mile or two from the university. Even if it might take you an extra 10 minutes to ride a bike to your classes, or you may want to jump on a bus, you’ll find that having the type of room that will make you comfortable is extremely important. Some students find that they prefer to live a bit further away from the university, offering them the chance to experience a little peace and quiet, get some exercise by walking or biking to school, and most importantly, the opportunity to save a little bit of cash in the process.

  • Don’t give up.

You may find that process of living in Tilburg is somewhat difficult, especially if you have particular preferences in mind for housing that are deal-breakers. Try to look for rooms each morning when you wake up, making it a part of your daily morning ritual. Don’t worry — you’ll find a space that’s just right for you!

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