What to do on King's Day 2018?


Updated on Apr 26 • 2 minute read

On Friday 27 April, King's Day in the Netherlands is on again! For one day, the lower lands will be covered in orange. To make sure you avoid the King's Day #FOMO this year, I've made a list of the most popular events that are happpening around the Netherlands. I promise you that with the tips below you'll have an unforgettable day!

1. Party fully in orange

From Thursday evening until Friday night, you will have non-stop access to King's Night and Day festivities throughout the country. There are about 500 events taking place. Just to give you a hand, check out the list below for the most popular ones.


In the capital city, one of the biggest parties on King's Night is TikTak which also takes place in Utrecht and Rotterdam. Also check out: Jamrock, R&B Legends, Royal Disko Cruise, Kingsnight Cruise. King's Day will give you Kingsland and Kingsday Cruise.


On King's Night, you can start off partying at TikTak, Bourgeoisie Kingsnight, DjogoNights or Vunzige Deuntjes. King's Day will give you Westerpaviljoen, Tropical Kingsday or S'Oranje 'Kingsday' Festival.

The Hague

One of the most popular musical events on King’s Night will take place in the Hague. Life I Live festival is a freely accessible music festival with different stages for your taste of music. Besides that, you can also go to I AM Kingsnight 2018, URBN Kings Night or Kingsnight Gay-Pop-Party.

2. Drink some Orange Bitter

What is a celebration without a toast?! Luckily, the Dutch didn't forget about that part. They drink an orange liquor called Orange Bitter to make a toast to the King.

3. Citywide Street Sale

Want to make some extra money without paying taxes? This is your chance! Dig out your closets and sell your stuff at the flea market in your city. You can sell on King's Night (starting from 18:00) or on King's Day. Be early because streets will be flooded by ambitious sellers.

4. Rent a boat in Amsterdam

This is perfect for a big group of people. Rent a boat together and spend the day cruising the canals of Amsterdam. You will have a blast!

5. Spotting Royals

If your blood instantly turns blue when it comes to royalty news, then you might want to spot the Dutch Royal Family. This year, they will visit the north of the country: Groningen. From 11 am until 1 pm, they will walk across the city where inhabitants show the city's best.

6. Eat Orange 'Tompouce'

Your day is not complete without trying this delicious Dutch pastry. This rectangular, double layered puff pastry has a filling of yellow cream and is topped off with smooth and sweet icing. Normally, the icing is pink, but on King's Day or when the Dutch soccer team plays it appears in orange.

7. Ultimate King's Day Survival Tips

  • Match the crowd and wear orange (or red-white-blue).
  • Speaking of clothes, make sure you wear comfy shoes.
  • Public holiday = check transportation times in advance.
  • Bring cash and small change. You really don't want to be in a queue to withdraw money from the ATM on King's Day.
  • Officially, you're only allowed to have one alcoholic drink with you at a time. People, there are life hacks for this. ;)
  • Be aware of pickpockets. Fanny packs are trending again, so why not add this to your orange outfit?
  • Have fun! Meet new people! Take pictures!

I wish you all an unforgettable King's Day & Night this year!