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The vibrant student life in Maastricht is one of the reasons that international students are deciding to relocate to this true student city. Therefore, finding student housing in Maastricht can prove to be rather difficult due to its popularity. Sometimes your university may be able to help with your accommodation, but this might leave you with little choice as to your location and choice of roommates. Thankfully, there are other alternatives to explore.

Looking for housing in Maastricht

When searching for a room to rent in Maastricht, there are quite a few things you should look out for.

  • Is the rent “inclusive” or “exclusive”? Inclusive rent will include not only your monthly room rate, but it will cover utilities like water, gas, electricity and maybe even the internet. For exclusive rent, you will pay additionally for these utilities. Also, ask about the security deposit and if taxes are included in the monthly payment as well.
  • Is official registration at the municipality (Gemeente) possible at your Maastricht apartment address? To receive your BSN social number, you will need to register. A BSN number is necessary for getting a job, setting up a bank account and for health insurance.
  • Is the apartment furnished? Furnishing may vary, especially depending on the price of the accommodation. Sometimes you’ll have a stark room with a bed and a desk, while other options might include a sleek decor with high-speed Wi-Fi. If your room is unfurnished, you can look for furniture on the Marktplaats website, or search for other tips to find inexpensive furnishings.
  • Have you read the rental contract in its entirety? Be sure that you understand all of the rules and regulations. You don’t want to end up losing your deposit because you put up too many pictures or painted the bathroom. Also, ask about the cancellation policy.

Room Prices

When you begin your search for rooms for rent in Maastricht, you should quickly see that prices are much more affordable, especially when compared to other cities in the Netherlands, such as Rotterdam or The Hague. Plus, the earlier you look, the better chance you will have in finding something affordable. In the high season, rates will increase.

In Maastricht, an average room should cost between €350 to €700 per month. Utilities like water, gas, electricity and the internet will be additional. You should also budget for the costs of living, such as meals, transportation and things to do in Maastricht.

Most rental agreements are for a period of six or twelve months, which works out especially well for exchange students. However, what will typically influence the pricing for accommodation is the location.

Maastricht Neighbourhoods

City center

The center of Maastricht offers a unique mix between 17th-century buildings and trendy shops and cafes. There’s also a weekly market, which can really help out with a student’s budget. Vrijthof Square is very popular with the students in the area, with plenty of places to sit to take in open-air concerts or other special events. The largest draw in the area is the splendid cathedral, the Onze Lieve Vrouwebasiliek, or the Basilica of Our Lady, and the stores at Stokstraatkwartier aren’t far behind. The area of Jekerkwartier is surrounded by the city’s walls, Stadspark (a park with inviting green spaces), university buildings and more.

Right Bank

Wyck is just across the river, and it is well-known for its abundance of antique stores. Ceramique, a newer district, is a bit further south, and it was once an area for industrial ceramic manufacturing. Beginning in 1995, development began for a modern district, full of residences, businesses and museums, and it has a great international flair.

Bassin and Belvedere

This neighborhood is northwest of Maastricht, and it includes Lanakerveld, Bosscherveld, Front Quarter, Statenkwartier and Boschstraatkwartier. Its redevelopment began in 1999, and it is now rich with residential offerings and businesses.

Sint Pieter and surroundings

Situated along the Jeker valley and St. Petersberg Hill, this residential area with plenty of green spaces is within walking distance of the city center, or even on into Belgium. It also contains popular tourist attractions like the Sint Pietersberg tunnels, Marl Caves and St. Pieter’s Fortare.

City limits and surroundings

This more peaceful area is full of vineyards and orchards, along with a few very popular eateries. If you’re active, you can also take part in water sports, golfing and a host of other outdoor activities.

5 Tips to help you find housing in Maastricht

  • Give yourself plenty of time for the search.

A lot of students put off looking for their student accommodation the month before their big move. While it’s never suggested, you may be able to pull it off in another city — but definitely not in Maastricht. You should begin your search at least three to four months in advance to avoid paying higher rates or living in an undesirable area.

  • Join Facebook groups and check out our website.

Finding rooms for rent in Maastricht can be much easier when using a trusted rental platform, such as Housing Anywhere. You can even receive alerts when a property matching your preferences is listed. Housing Anywhere even hosts a few Facebook groups, where apartments and rooms for rent are often posted.

Here are a few: 1. Room/Housing/Kamers in Maastricht 2. Student Housing Maastricht 3. Kamer/Room/Housing/Zimmer Maastricht

  • Check out what your new university offers. Before you begin your search, find out what your university might offer. Some have dormitories or departments that assist with housing. This may not be the cheapest option, but it is something that might be available to you. While a lot of universities do not have their own dormitories, they may have notice boards where you can check for rental advertisements. They may also even be able to connect you with former international students who may have tips, or might even know of space for rent.
  • Be willing to go the extra mile. Take a look at some of the neighborhoods that are close to the university, but not right next door. A 5-minute bike ride could save you a lot on rent. Plus, some students like a little more peace and quiet, as well as the excuse to get in some exercise during the commute.
  • Don’t give up. While the entire process can often be rather difficult and confusing, don’t feel overwhelmed. Just make searching for rooms the first thing you do every morning, and you’re sure to come across a space that suits your needs.

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