HousingAnywhere supports AGM Costa Brava 2018!


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26 Feb 2018

Supporting students to go abroad: it’s what we’re all about.

We know that moving abroad to work or study is an amazing experience for young people - that’s why we’re working to make it easier and more simple every day. If anyone knows how to help students go abroad, it’s students themselves! Here at HousingAnywhere.com, we’re proud to support the 2018 Annual General Meeting of the Erasmus Student Network, AGM Costa Brava. With many talented student volunteers coming together to host the 1000-participant conference, held in Spain’s Costa Brava, it’s sure to be a spectacular event for everyone involved!

Making it easier to study abroad

Erasmus Student Network volunteers work across 40 countries, helping incoming international students to integrate and make the most of their mobility period, while encouraging local students to take that step into the unknown and try study abroad! The Organising Committee of AGM Costa Brava give local volunteers the opportunity to come together and learn from one another to make their work even more effective. We want all volunteers to know about housing solutions for Erasmus and international students that HousingAnywhere provide.

HousingAnywhere and ESN

HousingAnywhere works with sections of ESN across Europe, offering special discounts for their members and supporting their events and campaigns! As the most important and biggest event of the year, we’re delighted to be on board with the AGM Costa Brava team.

Are you part of ESN? Feel free to get in touch and to organise discounts and special benefits for your section of country.

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