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When you are moving to the Netherlands, more specifically Groningen, finding housing can sometimes be a bit overwhelming. It is highly important to start looking for the ideal space as soon as possible — at least four or five months before the big move. If you wait too long, chances are that the best rooms may already be rented, and you may find that you have to opt for a room further away from the city center, or without the amenities that you prefer.

Room prices

The good thing about the housing market in Groningen is that it is priced very inexpensively. In fact, when you compare relocating to Amsterdam, prices can be set up to 45% lower! You’ll also find that the quality of living and the educational value are very similar, but simply priced for the more budget-conscious. This makes Groningen perfect for international students.

However, even though the prices are lower than many other cities in the Netherlands, space is in high demand, especially due to a large number of students who have selected Groningen as the city for their international exchange. Plus, some spaces may only be available to local residents or for students who have qualified to receive housing subsidies. This may provide those students additional opportunities than those that are available to international students.

The main thing to keep in mind when booking a room in Groningen is that the actual pricing can really vary depending on the location, its size, how old the building is and the actual quality of the accommodations. A few things that can affect the pricing include: furnished or unfurnished, whether the utilities are included if there is parking and if the facilities are private or shared.

For the region of the Northern Netherlands, here is a basic, very general monthly rental guide:

  • Rooms: 300 – 600 euros (located in houses with either shared or private facilities)
  • Studios: 500 – 750 euros (independent space with private facilities)
  • 1-bedroom apartments: 650 – 1000 euros
  • 2-bedroom apartments: 750 – 1250 euros
  • 3+-bedroom apartments or houses: 900 euros and up

When you rent a space, you will typically also be responsible for taxes, like water, garbage pickup and dog taxes, which may need to be paid in addition to the monthly rental. If you opt for a room with shared facilities, these additional costs may be included in the monthly rental price.

Utilities costs

When it comes to the utility costs, they may also vary, depending on the utility type and the company used. The personal usage will also be a deciding factor, which can also depend on the number of people living in the space and what is actually being used. Again, you can expect to pay the below rates, based on average Dutch pricing for utilities:

For one person

  • Water: 10-20 euros monthly
  • Energy: 75-150 euros monthly
  • TV & Internet: 35-75 euros monthly
  • Taxes: Garbage taxes average 230 euros annually, and water taxes are 150 euros per annually, based on 2017 values

Utilities are already sometimes factored into the monthly rental charge, but this should be one of the things that you check into before signing any rental agreements.

Groningen neighborhoods

City center

Groningen’s city center is going to place you right in the middle of all the action. This is where you will have access to shopping, dining and events organized by the Student Associations. The city center also has many options for student housing.


Located southeast of the city center, this super-friendly, relaxed locale is full of small, unique shops. Making it easily accessible, it is situated close to Groningen’s Central Station.

Time to the city center: 10 minutes


The Korrewegwijk is just north of the city center, but the best part is that it is within walking distance. This area is very popular with students and young professionals, making it a vibrant, colorful scene.

Time to the city center: 10 minutes

Schilderswijk / Zeeheldenbuurt / Vinkhuizen

Nestled just northeast of city center, you’ll find this comfortable area, mixed nicely with both students and families. There’s also a sparkling lake in the Zeeheldenbuurt, which is a great place to meet up with friends for a nice day outside.

Time to the city center: 20 minutes

Tips to find student housing in Groningen

A majority of the international students that have come to study at the Hanze University of Applied Sciences, Groningen, want to find accommodations directly in the city of Groningen. When it comes to student housing, the Netherlands is slightly different than other countries. Here, most of the universities do not offer dorm rooms or residence halls. Therefore, incoming students look on the private market for their accommodations.

Private market

On the private market, you’ll find a variety of different types of housing. You may find scenarios where a Dutch student is relocating abroad for one semester and would like to sublet an existing room, or you may find space in the house of a private landlord. Plus, should you decide to stay longer in Groningen than initially anticipated, you may be able to sign a rental agreement for a term that is longer than 12 months.

Housing Anywhere is a trusted housing platform that focuses on offering temporary furnished accommodations for international students who are studying abroad. You can easily and quickly find your new place for living in Groningen with the help of a trusted rental platform.

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