The Best Student Hangouts in Copenhagen


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A guest post by nomadepicureans for HousingAnywhere.

Copenhagen is a moderately sized capital city, but a large university city. Just consider this, the University of Copenhagen alone houses more than 35.000 students. And in addition, students from DTU, CBS, KEA and many others roam the streets, looking for the perfect student hangout. Actually, with so many students around you might think that just about any place is a student hangout in Copenhagen, and you'd be right. However, in one of the most expensive cities in Europe, some places are more student-friendly than others. Below I have compiled a list of the best places in Copenhagen to study, have fun, or simply hang out. All with an extra dose of hygge!

1. Studenterhuset

Image by: Studenterhuset

Obviously (to anybody living in Copenhagen, at least), I should start the list with the infamous Student House (studenterhuset). Studenterhuset is an independent organization affiliated with the University of Copenhagen. It is centrally located, just next to the Rundetårn, and THE student hangout in Copenhagen. Studenterhuset is primarily run by volunteers and is a mix of cafe, bar, study hall, and event venue. The prices are naturally student friendly (12kr for a cup of coffee, 27kr for a beer, 50kr for a cocktail). So whether you are looking for a place to read, a place to meet friends, or a place to engage socially, Studenterhuset is the right choice!

2. Volunteer Cafes

Danish students love to volunteer, and many of them do so in cafes and bars. These volunteer cafes are non-profit, and prices are student-friendly. We have already talked about Studenterhuset, but there are in fact several more. Two of the most popular ones are Cafe Nutid and Cafe Cadeau. Cafe Nutid is located in the heart of the city and sells cups of coffee for only 10kr (yes please!) as well as snacks such as sandwiches and pastries. Cafe Cadeau, on the other hand, lies in the green district of Frederiksberg and is a welcome get-away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Most of these cafes are continuously looking for volunteers, so why not join them and make your stay in Copenhagen even more meaningful?

3. Book & Board Game Cafes

Was there ever a thing that went better with a cup of coffee than a good novel? Well, perhaps a friendship-crushing round of Monopoly? Whatever you are looking for, Copenhagen has it all. Head to Paludan Cafe, a combination of a traditional bookstore and modern cafe. Browse for your next favourite read while recharging your batteries with a strong cup of coffee. Later in the evening, head over to Bastard Cafe and challenge your friends in a game of your choice over a cold brew. If you are not familiar with the hundreds of games the cafe has to offer, one of their friendly gurus will assist you in finding the right one.

4. Hostel Bars

Some of the most infamous hangout spots are Copenhagen's hostel bars. They are the perfect place to meet other internationals (even if they are just on their way through) and as a budget accommodation, their bar prices also reflect that. Two hostel bars you should definitely bookmark are Generator Hostel and Copenhagen Downtown Hostel. Both are located in the centre of the city and a guarantee for a fun night.

5. Catching Fresh Air

As you can probably tell, much of student life in Copenhagen takes place indoors. That's not surprising, considering the dreary weather Copenhageners often battle with. However, when the sun DOES make an appearance, students flock into the green spaces the city has to offer. Some of the most popular ones are the parks close to the city centre, such as Kongens Have (includes a beautiful view of Rosenborg Castle!), and spots by the water, such as Islands Brygge and Christianshavn. Oh, and don't forget to pop into the next supermarket for a cold beer to take with you... because that's the Danish way ;)

6. Friday Bars

One unique thing about Danish student culture is the Friday Bars. Of course, any and all bars are open on Fridays, but that's not what I'm talking about. Friday Bars are pop-up bars on the university campus and most departments have their own Friday Bar organized every week. At the University of Copenhagen alone there is nearly 20 of them and there are plenty more at the other universities. Go ahead and check with your department when and where your Friday Bar takes place and don't be shy to join! I promise you won't regret it.

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