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Updated on 17 Feb 2021

If you’re even thinking about an international exchange, then surely you have tossed around the idea of studying in Italy. But the big decision comes when considering the numerous cities that are well-known, sought-after locales for students who are studying abroad.

One such destination is Ancona, with the very prestigious University of Ancona, called the Università Politecnica delle Marche, ranked among the top 10 universities in Italy. It’s also known for its immaculate green lawn, an excellent space for students to study and mingle with potential new friends.

Ancona is a city, as well as a seaport, in the region of Marche, which is nestled in the very center of Italy. Due to its lovely location, there are plenty of beautiful beaches that meet the sparkling Adriatic Sea, like Mezzavalle, Vela, Sassi Bianchi and Due Sorelle.

Ancona is also known for its many historical monuments. The “War Memorial,” erected in honor of World War I, is situated in the district of “Passetto,” at the end of a long street full of unique shops. Another well-known monument is of the Pope in “Pope Square,” which is full of bars serving everything from coffee to well-mixed cocktails.

But even though you’ll be coming to Ancona as part of a study program, you won’t be spending all of your time in the classroom or visiting educational spots. In fact, you’ll need to know the best dishes to eat and the most delicious wines to drink, just to fit in with the locals. After all, you ARE in Italy.

So, let’s take a look at a few that you must try during your Ancona adventure!

Ancona Eats

If one thing can be said about the people of Ancona, it’s that they really know how to eat! When in Ancona, there are several dishes that you should absolutely try, whether it be from a vendor in a square or when you’re really splurging at a sumptuous restaurant in the city center.

Stoccafisso All’anconetana otherwise known as stockfish, is a traditional dish that the residents of Ancona have been consuming for well over 500 years. This tasty fish is taken from the Black Sea and cooked with potatoes, tomatoes, carrots, parsley and white wine. Have it at La Moretta, if you’re looking for a special night out!

Ciauscolo is another “must try” when in Ancona. This popular Italian salami is quite different than most sausages, as that it is spreadable, and is very fulfilling when covering a warm piece of bread. Ciauscolo can typically be purchased at a market or the grocery store, making it an inexpensive option for lunch or a late-night snack when studying.

Vincisgrassi, which may be compared to lasagna, is yet another item that originated in the region, specifically in Marche. Additional ingredients were added to the bolognese sauce, making this dish as unique as Ancona. You can expect to find it on many restaurant menus, as well as on the tables of friends who have invited you over for dinner.

Ancona Drinks

Italy is known the world over for its superior wines. So, just imagine the opportunity to live in Ancona and systematically attempt to sample all of them! To help get you started, there are actually quite a few that the city is known for.

Rosso Conero comes from a small mountain in Ancona, nestled close to the Adriatic Sea, and is one of the most popular wines in the region. This is a red wine and should be served at room temperature. It pairs best with pastas with tomato-based sauces, as well as meatballs and dark chocolate.

Also from the region of Ancona, Passerina is a fruity white wine that is served chilled, making it a favored option for summer. It is best-paired with stockfish, fresh vegetables and a myriad of cheeses. This is the ideal wine to sip while soaking up the sun on one of Ancona’s many relaxing beaches.

Finally, Lacrima is a strong wine, often with an alcoholic content of up to 15%, which is quite high when it comes to wine. Its name means “teardrop,” perhaps due to the fact that its grapes tend to split, forming what might appear to be tears on the clusters of grapes. This is a great wine to drink in the winter, and it can be paired with red meats, strong cheeses and, of course, dark chocolate.

Wonderful Pairings

But of course, what is the most aromatic glass of wine without a picturesque place to drink it? Fortunately, Ancona boasts a variety of charming spots to have a glass or share a bottle with friends.

Aptly named, Vintage Enoteca Ristorante is exactly what you might expect a wine bar to be. They offer well-paired dishes and a wine list that would make any Italian proud. Plus, the ambiance is well-suited, with rows of wine bottles as the main decor.

Trattoria Clarice is another divine option for a nice night out, full of appetizing food and a lengthy, well-picked wine list. This amazing little spot is very popular with the area’s residents, and it’s a cozy place to taste some traditional dishes and try your hand at pairing them with a wine selection or two.

Do’ Vizi is another delightful bistro in the metropolitan style, with a phenomenal location close to the port, offering amazing views. This is a great place to go with a group of friends, as that they even have board games for their patrons to play as they indulge in the menu and drink the most popular wine selections.

Now that you know the way to eat and drink your way through this colorful, bustling city, the rest is just details. Work with your university to set up your international exchange, find a room or apartment on Housing Anywhere’s trusted rental platform, and pick up a little bit of Italian. Benvenuto ad Ancona!

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