Customer Support at HousingAnywhere

We’re the bridge between those who use our tools and those who build them.

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We're the face and frontline of HousingAnywhere, offering support and paving the way for a smooth experience. As we continue to scale, we work with a shared vision.


Be customer-first

Every support decision we make is customer-centric. We operate with transparency while solving our customers' real problems.


Provide outstanding service

Through empathy, we humanise our interactions with the customer, creating a zone of trust and comfort with our brand.


Never stop developing

We learn from each other, collaborate with different departments, and use data to improve our solutions.

John Grantham

Persistence is the driver of our growth and success. If you're a natural problem-solver, who can dig into the root of an issue and, above all, keep our customers happy and engaged, join us.

John Grantham

Head of Customer Solutions

How we work

Empowered to evolve


We speak our customer's language. By reacting in over 11 languages, we can break down barriers, provide a tailored service, and have meaningful customer interactions.


Whether through phone, live chat, email, social media, self-service, or knowledge base, we are where the customers are.

Trained to succeed

From a 2-week onboarding to time-tested best practices, we get all the training we need to shine as skilled professionals who find solutions.


Our passion for driving things to be better is because of data. The valuable insight it brings to our everyday work helps us be proactive, accurate, and personal.


From integrating systems to sharing knowledge, our deep understanding of the customer drives product innovation and product-market fit, ensuring we always put the customer first.


We get the responsibilities, the freedom to achieve, and the opportunities to grow. We’re empowered and incentivised to go the extra mile and do whatever is necessary to deliver a quality customer experience.

Real stories

Hear from your future teammates

Giuseppe Carmignola

We don't have strict structures on how someone should do their work. If I want to change something, my manager trusts me to make the best decision. I get the ownership I want and the freedom to be creative with my choices. It greatly improves the quality of my professional life. I also like that everyone here is either young or young at heart. Makes us energetic and the environment fun.

Giuseppe Carmignola

Customer Solutions Supervisor


I started as an intern and, within 2 weeks, was offered a position as a full-timer. My department is like the O.G. They pick you up, ensure we're all working together, and that we're OK mentally. It's a very collaborative, nurturing space. I also like that I get to use my business innovation background in the projects I initiate. Keeps my day-to-day varied and exciting.


Customer Solutions Specialist