Life at HousingAnywhere

Our culture is shaped by our values and how we grow together.

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Ownership and collaboration


We work as a team to create a bigger impact. At HousingAnyhere, you can own your challenges and collaborate to find the best solutions. Support is always just one question away.

"My team is very independent-minded in a good way, as I don't like being micromanaged. My manager trusts me to make the best decision for the company. If I see a better way of doing a function or arranging a library, I can do it. And if I mess up, that's OK; we'll talk about it."

Juan Scanlan

Kamernet team


Transparent and supportive

We communicate openly and respectfully, inspiring and encouraging each other. We validate opinions with data, and data with opinions.

"I participate in many things, show up on channels and try to help. When I suggest a new way of doing things, people listen. We've created this friendly space where anyone can ask anyone else anything, and they'll get the support they need."

Gustavo Bini

Web Platform team



Opportunities and achievements

We spot talent and promote potential. We identify opportunities, act upon our ideas, and take pride in our achievements. We believe that both failure and success are learning opportunities.

"I really like that everyone's working together to ensure everyone's improving. There are no constraints for you to be in just one particular spot or role. There's so much flexibility, I said where I wanted to be, and the V.P. of my department put structures in place for me to get there."

Blessing Ayeni

Payments team


Colourful and personal

We respect each other and contribute to a healthy working environment. We believe that different perspectives are the driving force behind better solutions. Your voice is heard and valued.

"It's not your standard corporate job with strict rules. We have a lot of freedom in terms of how we dress or show up to work. The people here are so dynamic. We're very international, and I like that. In my team, it's not just about work, we share a lot of personal stuff too; we're really close."

Vijxik Lu

Finance team



Joyful and connected


We build meaningful connections with each other. Learning brings us joy. We always have a reason to celebrate.

“I like the people here 100%. I'm really proud of how seriously we take each other and how we support each other. In my team, it's not my work or their work — whoever brings it in, we celebrate together with team outings."

Kelly Thoma

Managed Accounts team