Product & UX at HousingAnywhere

With strategy and tactical skills, we're the glue that unites all aspects of the product under a single cohesive vision.

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We value and prioritise great design across every solution we build. As we continue to scale, we design with a shared vision.


Better rental experiences for tenants

We're here to simplify accommodation renting for everyone. Renting a home should be as easy and carefree as booking a hotel room.


Build for trust and transparency

As a marketplace, we play a critical role in bringing demand and supply together. We're building solutions to create transparency around the market, pricing, and reputation of tenants and landlords.


Empower homeowners and their businesses

We aim to simplify and automate processes, allowing homeowners to focus on what really matters: creating great rental experiences.

How we're set up

Blending expertise with experience

We're from 2 disciplines, working together to make the entire experience around our products simple and intuitive for all.

Product Management

Product Management

Product managers, product owners, CRO specialist



Researchers, writers, designers

How we work

Principles that guide our day-to-day work

Cross-functional collaboration

Through frequent collaboration with representatives from multiple departments, we increase the diversity of viewpoints. Allowing us to make quicker and more confident decisions and speed up innovation and creativity.

Product led

We keep evolving and working on our product because it's our main asset. By investing in research, we can better understand the needs and problems of our users. And by investing in technology, we can make the entire renting process more efficient and enjoyable.

Empowered product teams

Our self-contained product teams are empowered to solve problems for our customers in the best way possible. By assessing the value, viability, usability, and feasibility of new product developments, we ensure we're shipping the right products at the right time for our users.

End-to-end ownership

From discovery to delivery, the team carries responsibility for the full lifecycle. Product teams have end-to-end ownership of their domain. UX’ers have freedom to come up with their own ideas to pursue and experiment.

Real stories

Hear from your future teammates

Tricia Reyes

It was my first time working with such an international team, and I felt very welcomed. They're transparent with me and also open to change. It makes it easy to pivot when we need to.

Tricia Reyes

Product Manager

Bharat Bondu

It's a luxury to have a team of people who are experts in their field. It's exciting to see how the UX team is growing. The resources available to designers now are helping me work better every day.

Bharat Bondu

UX Design Lead