Finance & Compliance at HousingAnywhere

We support the business and our customers with financially secure processes and legal expertise.

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From the day-to-day to the strategic long-term, we help the company achieve its ambition. As we continue to scale, we work with a shared vision.


Be customer-focused

Whether it’s for the users or our colleagues in the company, everything we do is to help them succeed.


Go beyond data

Focusing inward and outward allows our relationship with data to be more collaborative, creative, and impactful.


Never stop developing

We continuously seek to improve so that what we do today can be done better tomorrow.

How we work

Principles that guide our day-to-day work

Run the business

Whether for bookings, payouts, or everything regarding salaries and office spaces, our work helps run the business so teams can focus on what matters most.

Deliver seamless experience

Being a crucial touchpoint for the customer, we communicate with empathy and use data to guide us, humanising our relationships and making it easier to interact with us.

Collaborate to succeed

Our flexible processes allow us to easily collaborate with others, helping us improve customer experiences and quickly adapt to changing preferences.

Drive company growth

We're the company's barometer of performance. By sharing reports and educating on trends, we give teams intelligent information that helps streamline activities and inform strategic decision-making.