Marketing at HousingAnywhere

We're multidisciplinary teams responsible for driving demand and creating a trustworthy brand.

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From data to decision-making, our insights into what moves the customer drives product innovation. As we continue to scale, we work with a shared vision.


Customer focused

Understand what the customers need, and help them succeed. Deliver value with every interaction.


Be transparent

Share our performance at all stages, get valuable ideas and feedback, and strengthen our work.


Never stop developing

We continuously seek to improve so that what we do today can be done better tomorrow.

Kaj van Zweeden

We're an established brand growing quickly; we've had 5 acquisitions within 2 years. To help us scale even faster, we're building a data-informed team that dares to do things differently. If that sounds like you, join us.

Kaj van Zweeden

VP Marketing

How we work

Principles that guide our day-to-day work

Full stack for impact

From communications, brand and public relations to CRM, email and product marketing, our work opens the door to HousingAnywhere, bringing the audience and growth to the company.

Agile & Scrum

Through a loose combination of agile and scrum, we stay flexible and ready to adapt, delivering the highest value in the shortest time. We're quick to pivot and evolve. The market doesn't stop, and neither do we.

Shape company strategy

With our unique insight into what engages the customer, we help core teams make intelligent decisions, guide product development, and facilitate strategic plans and decisions.

Data keeps us honest

We're all about the pursuit of figuring out what drives gradual impact. By iterating and measuring the progress of each effort, our work is nuanced, targeted, and creative, helping us speak to our different audiences.

Collaborate to succeed

By working with other departments, we increase the diversity of viewpoints. Allowing everyone to make quicker and more confident decisions and speeding up innovation and creativity across the company.

Responsibility + freedom

We think creatively and try new things, take big bets on ourselves and figure things out. Learning by doing, refining, and doing it better next time makes our learning curve steep and our growth exponential.

Real stories

Hear from your future teammates

Mark Peri

I like my team; they're very professional, always open to learning and challenging each other, but at the same time, super informal and cool. The company's rapid pace means our personal growth happens very quickly. Working in HousingAnywhere for 1 year is far more valuable than 4 years at a university.

Mark Peri

Head of Performance Marketing