Rental homes in France

France is not only the most visited country in the world but also a great expat destination. The country is known for its sophisticated culture, world-renowned cuisine, tasteful wines, stunning landscapes, fashion houses, and incredible art. Besides, the French life will keep you pining for more as it's all about joie de vivre — the joy of living — be it via energising social gatherings, beautiful sights, or food. If you're planning on moving to France, find out what's it like to live here and browse rooms, studios, and apartments to rent in France.

The ultimate guide to opening a bank account in France

When you move to France, you'll need a French bank account to receive your salary, pay your rent and bills, and buy groceries. Read how you can open a bank account in France effortlessly, from choosing the right bank to providing the bank with the necessary documents.

Open a French bank account

Proof of address in France: Justificatif de Domicile

You'll need proof of your address in France for many processes, from the immigration process to paying your taxes. There're several ways you can provide this document called Justificatif de Domicile. Discover how you can obtain proof of address for your residence in France.

Prove your address in France

Learn your tenant rights in France

Learning your rights and obligation as a tenant in France will protect you from unfortunate situations and help you to avoid unnecessary costs. Protect your rights by learning about rental agreements and conditions, cancellation policy, and many more.

Learn your tenant rights

Your relocation checklist for France

Moving to France? There's a lot to do, from setting your budget and finding an apartment to getting validating your residence permit and getting health insurance. Discover all the tasks you need to check before moving to France, so you don't miss anything important.

Tick your relocation tasks