101 long-term apartments and rooms for rent in Munich, Germany







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There is a wide range of long-term accommodation in Munich for students, expats and young professionals. Search through long-term rentals: rooms, studios and apartments in different neighborhoods in Munich and choose what suits you best.

What is the average rent in Munich?

Rental prices in Munich are considered expensive for Germany, but could be considered average when compared to other major European cities. The average rental price for a private room in Munich in 2020 is €686 (including utilities). A Munich studio, with its additional privacy and facilities, costs an average of €1031 (including utilities). A one bedroom apartment in Munich can be yours for the average price of €1523 (including utilities) a month.

Which district in Munich offers the lowest rental prices?

While there are no neighbourhoods that would be considered cheap by German standards, you can make a more affordable choice by spending some time on public transport from some of the more outlying neighbourhoods. Examples of this would be Garching by München for students, or the southern Giesing district for expats and young professionals. Both options see you living away from the bustle of Munich city, but will still get you into the heart of the city in under 30 minutes by public transport.

Which districts in Munich are the safest?

Munich is the safest city in Germany! So, there isn’t really a bad neighbourhood to look out for. Pretty much all of Munich is safe, so safe even that women can easily travel alone at night. And if you still don’t feel safe enough, there’s a special taxi service for women that is operated by female drivers. That said, it doesn’t mean crime doesn’t happen. Use your common sense: keep an eye on your wallet when on the metro, and don’t give opportunistic burglars a reason to give your apartment a try.

What are the best districts in Munich?

Schwabing is one of the most popular neighborhoods for students: it’s close to the Ludwig-Maximillians university campus, as well as home to many bars, restaurants and hip hangouts that draw a hip, young crowd. If you’re looking to experience the bustle of Munich, then Ludwigs-Isarvorstadt is the place to settle down. You get to enjoy everything this busy district has to offer, such as the Glockenbach area nightlife, but also the tranquility of Südfriedhof park. For a more quiet, family friendly sub-urban area, Giesing might be right for you. It’s also home to quite a few other expats, so great if you want to build up your social circle with fellow adventurers.