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Dublin, Ireland
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Our story began in 2014 when we landed in the city and found ourselves in the challenging situation of getting a home. Back then, there were only two options: renting a place for a short period, such as a hostel or committing to a long-term lease, where it was necessary to provide previous landlord and work references that you had not yet time to achieve. At that moment, nobody offered a safe renting accommodation with someone to help you in those moments of change. Based on our experience, our mission was clear. We decided to help people who wanted to come to the city to study or work and needed a place to live as soon as they arrived, somewhere safe, warm, and friendly, a quality home that offers the flexibility that you need while adapting and in the process to find somewhere permanent to stay. Our personal and Irish-based company listens to your requests and provides a place to feel welcome and happy without problems and complications. You will find support in a smooth, clean, well-kept house where new families of friends from different countries and cultures are formed, with a friendly feeling for those far from home. Houses full of life! We will provide a personalized check-in on arrival and organize a proof of address letter for you so you can start to work or find a job in the city, also after your stay with us, we will provide you with a reference letter so you can get your place if you wish.


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