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... one of the leading Student Housing Companies in Berlin
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BERLIN is booming. The housing market is extremely dynamic and any student who has already tried to rent an affordable apartment in the open market is quickly demotivated and disappointed. The demand is much higher than the supply and the rental prices currently only know one direction. We know exactly what is important as a student. Because we were once in your place as a student and in search of a flat or an apartment in the foreign city. We belong to the leading professional providers of student housing communities in Berlin and bring together students in a flat share. We are internationally oriented and speak German, English, Russian, Italian, Spanish and Romanian. We offer you apartments in super-central locations of the city. After your contact with us, you can easily arrange sightseeing and choose from the different rooms, your suitable room in a shared flat. Our rooms and apartments are fully equipped. You only have to bring your own clothes. All apartments also have a fully equipped communal kitchen and powerful WiFi. We rent to you your room “all-inclusive”. This means: including all usual operating charges, electricity, internet access, washing machine use etc. The use for bed linen, sheets, bedspread, pillows, towels, cutlery, dishes etc. is included in the rental price! The monthly rental amount is stated in euros under the respective rooms. Your notice period is only one month after the minimum rental period of 6 months. This ensures maximum flexibility for you, should something change in your circumstances.
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