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Accommodation in Berlin, Germany

If you're looking to rent accommodation in Berlin, then you've come to the right place. Due to rising demand, houses for rent in Berlin remain the most searched ones on HousingAnywhere. You can easily find new rental homes in Berlin near you and find more information about their size, price, availability, services and amenities.

Search through our website and use our search filters to find all homes for rent in Berlin. If you are on the lookout for housing in Berlin Germany, then you will find a range of affordable options to choose from. Due to the standards of living and increased international mobility, the rental properties in Berlin are always increasing in demand.

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What is the Average Rent in Berlin, Germany?

The average rent price in Berlin is 1150 EUR (1245 USD) a month. You will find rental prices to range between 9000 to 20000 EUR (9750 to 21650 USD) per year.

Why is rent so expensive in Berlin, Germany?

Rent in Berlin is expensive because of the housing shortage. More people are looking for housing in Berlin than the number of houses available for rent.

How to find an accommodation in Berlin, Germany?

If you are looking for accommodation in Berlin, then look online for accommodation rental sites like HousingAnywhere. It’s an easy and secure way of finding housing in Berlin.