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254 private rooms for rent in Munich, Germany

Rooms for rent in Munich, Germany

Looking to rent a room in Munich, Germany? HousingAnywhere can help you find rooms for rent in Munich that are affordable and economical. Our platform makes it easy for you to find a room in Munich directly from landlords and private home owners. Our smart filters help you narrow down your search and find rooms in Munich based on price, size, amenities and more. Sign-up today as a tenant and find single room for rent in Munich that best match your lifestyle and budget.

How much is a room to rent in Munich?

Rooms for rent in Munich start at €650, but the prices vary. If you want to rent rooms in Munich, you should choose a neighborhood that matches your budget.

How much is room rent in Munich per month?

The average room rent in Munich is EUR 650 per month. However, this is just the average, you will find rental prices to range from EUR 550 to EUR 750 per month.

How to find a room for rent in Munich?

The simplest way to search for rooms in Munich is online; you can use also use HousingAnywhere to easily find a room for rent in Munich.

Is it hard to find rooms in Munich?

Finding a room in Munich is NOT easy. Many newcomers find it challenging to secure rental places in major cities like Munich.

What is the best website to rent a room in Munich?

HousingAnywhere is the website that can help you find rooms in Munich with different criteria to help you find the right room for you.