HousingAnywhere.com Raises €6 Million to Fuel Innovation in Student Accommodation.

ROTTERDAM, 8th May 2018

HousingAnywhere.com, the global accommodation platform for international students, announced today that it secured 6 million Euro in capital in a Series B Financing Round. The investment round is led by the Swedish fund Vostok New Ventures, with participation from existing investors Real Web and henQ. The funding will be used towards product innovation, market expansion and to accelerate HousingAnywhere’s vision of staying the world's leading student accommodation platform for mid-term rentals.

Initially started as a Dutch student side project when Founder Niels van Deuren tried to sublet his student room in Rotterdam, the Netherlands when he was on exchange in Singapore, HousingAnywhere has grown to be present in more than 500 cities globally since 2015, making it the biggest student accommodation platform in the world with more than 5 million visitors a year. Over the last year, the Rotterdam-based marketplace used a 5 million Euro funding from early-stage VCs Real Web and henQ to grow its presence in Europe and the USA. To further accelerate this growth, HousingAnywhere will use the funding proceeds for product development, especially by easing the process of rent collection through a peer-to-peer payment service.

According to Djordy Seelmann, CEO of HousingAnywhere, this successful financing round proves that HousingAnywhere is on a promising growth path: "This investment is really exciting news for us. At HousingAnywhere we’re focussed on remaining the largest global platform for international students to book accommodation abroad. We will use the new investment to scale up, and we are taking major steps with the continued development of our booking platform. Now that we’ve ensured that tenants and landlords can easily connect and safely conclude a tenancy agreement online, we will simplify the collection and payment of rent by offering a peer-to-peer payment service before the end of this year. This is a big step forward, and we're developing payment technology with a lot of potential, which can ultimately be used more broadly in the real estate market."

Although HousingAnywhere continues to primarily focus on ensuring the rental market is more accessible for international students, the broader potential already appears from the organic growth of the platform. "The supply of rooms and apartments is becoming more diverse, and we’re seeing that HousingAnywhere is increasingly being adopted by other user groups looking for a mid-term rental accommodation abroad, such as expats and digital nomads," says Van Deuren. The focus of expansion of the platform is currently on Western-Europe. Outside Europe there are also interesting countries for the platform, “that opportunity we will capture soon too”.

The newest investor on board, Vostok New Ventures, has a history of backing marketplace unicorns such as Avito, BlaBlaCar and Gett. "In HousingAnywhere.com, we see a team that has proven itself, with a huge drive to scale up and become the dominant player in the online real estate market”, says Per Brilioth, Managing Director of Vostok New Ventures.

About HousingAnywhere.com

HousingAnywhere.com is the leading global accommodation marketplace for international students with over 50,000 active advertisements in more than 50 countries. On the peer-to-peer platform tenants can connect directly with landlords and book mid-term rentals. Over 160 partner universities recommend their students to use the HousingAnywhere platform. HousingAnywhere.com was founded in 2009 by Niels van Deuren when he was looking for temporary accommodation for his semester abroad in Singapore. In 2018, Head of Development Djordy Seelmann, took over as CEO.


About Vostok New Ventures

Vostok New Ventures Ltd (Vostok New Ventures), formerly Vostok Nafta Investment Ltd, is an investment company with the business concept of using experience, expertise and a widespread network to identify and invest in assets with considerable potential for value appreciation, with a focus on companies with network effects. The Swedish Depository Receipts of Vostok New Ventures are listed on Nasdaq Stockholm’s list for mid cap companies with the ticker VNV SDB.

About RealWeb

Real Web operates a number of leading online marketplaces in Europe through its controlled or participated entities, including – in the Real Estate vertical - Immobiliare.it in Italy, Spitogatos in Greece and in the Adriatic region and Immotop in Luxembourg; ProntoPro.it and StarOfService.com in the Professional Services marketplace in Italy and France; Uala.it, Bucmi.com and Funkmartini.gr in the Beauty segment in Italy, Spain/Portugal and Greece; Facile.it in the online insurance brokerage in Italy.

About henQ

HENQ is a Venture Capital Firm based in the Netherlands. HENQ provides capital & professional support for early stage technology companies. HENQ targets young technology companies - with a product that is scalable and has started to generate revenues - led by ambitious and strong management teams, active in international growth markets such as ICT / New Media / Mobile / Software sectors. henQ’s companies stand out because of their huge growth potential, strong management teams, international ambitions and scalable products. Above all, they stand out because, like us, they have a mind and will of their own.


Housing Anywhere team

HousingAnywhere.com 获得来自意大利在线租房巨头背后的公司500万欧元资助

这一 A 系列资金将用于该荷兰国际交换学生租房平台加速其扩展到更多的城市和国家


鹿特丹 – 国际交换学生住房平台HousingAnywhere.com在最近一轮融资中HousingAnywhere.com 筹集了 500 万欧元。这家总部位于鹿特丹的创业公司,为在世界各地求学的国际学生提供包括一室公寓、单人间、转租以及出租房在内的住宿选择。HousingAnywhere.com将利用这一 A 系列资金加速平台的发展,并将业务扩展到更多西欧和美国的大学城市。资金来自意大利最大的在线住房平台 Real Web 以及荷兰风险投资公司 henQ。

大部分资金来自Real Web, 这家意大利公司旗下拥有在线房地产平台Immobiliare.it。荷兰风险投资公司也在为HousingAnywhere.com注入资金。 之前henQ 曾为HousingAnywere.com引领到一轮种子融资,筹集到100万欧元。 Van Deuren:“有了这笔新融资我们能够继续加速平台的快速发展。一家像Real Web这样重要的国际公司加入我们对我们来说意义重大。他们在在线租房市场方面拥有丰富的经验,有很多值得我们学习的。henQ同样提供了新的资金意味着对我们平台的信任。”

HousingAnywhere.com 创立于2009年,当时CEO 兼创立者的 Niels van Deuren正在准备前往新加坡进行自己的国外交换学习。他发现在一座举目无亲的城市找到合适的住宿很是挑战。“许多房东和二房东都需要租客提前支付房租以确保租客确实会现身,” Van Deuren回忆道,“但是对于一个学生来说不看房就转钱实在是需要慎重做出的决定。”

Van Deuren 创立了 HousingAnywhere.com 以解决这一问题。房东和商业租房公司均可在HousingAnywhere.com平台上免费发布学生公寓以及其他类型房源。所有的转账均通过HousingAnywhere.com在安全环境下进行,而且仅在学生看过房间且认可新家之后才将首月房租转至房东。

出国学习的学生也可以把他们的房间或公寓通过HousingAnywhere.com出租,这样出国交换期间就可以省下一笔房租。平台为130间高校合作伙伴搭建起一个住房办公网络,高校向其交换学生推荐公司。事实证明,这一理念切实可行。HousingAnywhere.com 的房源目录覆盖了50个国家超过45万处住所, 目前有 10万处住所可租。

新的资金注入使平台得以在主流国际交换市场上扩展到更多的国家和城市,比如美国、西欧等。其中,单是广受欢迎的伊拉斯谟交换生项目每年就能调动27万国际交换生的租房需求。 HousingAnywhere.com致力于在接下来的一年里扩张到60个国家,在2018年达到100。目前每周已有1000个新房源加入平台。随着公司业务的扩展,员工规模也将增长。

HousingAnywhere.com是世界领先的国际学生住房交换平台,在50个国家拥有超过10万发布房源, 为出国交换或实习的学生提供出租及转租住所的平台。目前已有超过130所合作高校向他们的国际交换生推荐 HousingAnywhere的服务平台。 HousingAnywhere.com 成立于2009 ,创始人Niels van Deuren 当时正在为自己在新加坡的交换学习生活寻找临时住所。


Housing Anywhere team