Travel Insurance tips for Study, Internships and Work Abroad


Updated on Jun 21 • 1 minute read

If you’re planning to study, intern or work abroad, then sorting out your travel insurance should definitely be on your checklist. What are important issues when taking out a travel insurance when you decide to stay abroad for studies, internship or work?

“Travel insurance” is a broad term that means different things to different people. Essentially there are three different types of coverage that fall under this term: Trip Insurance, Travel Insurance and Global Medical Insurance.

What is Trip Insurance?

This is coverage for the trip itself. For example, if you are no longer able to travel due to illness, you would receive a reimbursement for the cost of your trip. There are also other coverages such as lost luggage, travel delays and medical emergencies.

Regular travel insurance

Travel Insurance provides coverage for unfortunate events during short-term travel. You may think of personal assistance in an emergency, coverage for the consequences of accidents, medical expenses and coverage for damage, loss or theft of your luggage.

Check the policy conditions!

However, the policy conditions of most travel insurers state that coverage is only provided when your stay abroad can be characterised as ‘leisure time’. You are therefore not always insured with a regular travel insurance when you are going abroad for an internship, work or study!

Also, check the maximum allowed travel time: many travel insurers offer coverage for up to 60 continuous travel days. Are you planning on traveling for longer? You can take out additional coverage for extra travel time. Travel insurance is also often restricted to a particular travel area: therefore, be sure to choose European or Worldwide coverage.

Travel insurance will not cover you for yearly checkups. For example, routine visits to the doctor, dentist appointments or eye appointments.

Global Medical - or long-term travel insurance

In order to be covered for travel purposes such as an internship, study or work that implies a longer stay, several insurers offer global medical insurance. Perfect for the before mentioned travel purposes! Those insurances usually offer even more widespread coverage completely adapted to your longer stay. The coverage of the global medical insurance, therefore, is not just limited to ‘leisure time’.

Long-term insurance offers many benefits that travel does not

Global Medical insurance plans provide long-term (1-2 years or longer) comprehensive medical benefits. These plans are designed for those living away from home but want to continue to receive the care that they would normally receive at home. Expats, digital nomads, and students all gravitate toward this type of plan for their health and sense of security.

Not all types of coverage of global medical insurance are mandatory: therefore, choose the coverage that fits your needs. Research the best international health insurance companies and find helpful tips from expert sites that can give you first-hand insights and advice on how to select the right insurance for your adventure abroad!

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