Top 10 Beer Gardens in Europe


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With Summer season upon us and with exam period coming to a close, most of us will be left with a lot of free time on our hands over the next coming months. I can say with full confidence that one of the best ways to relax and hang with your friends over Summer is at your local beer garden.

A Beer garden, from the German 'Biergarten', according to Wikipedia is an outdoor seating area which beverages; mainly beer, are served with local food, live music and games. Biergartens originated during the 19th century in the city of Munich, Germany; in order to keep beer cold over summer, massive underground cellars where dug by Bavarian breweries next to the river Isar. The beers temperature was kept stabilized with winter time ice and huge chestnut trees were planted so the shade could also help with keeping the beer cold.

Locals would then buy the beer from the underground cellars and take them home in the large tankards, like the ones you'd see at Oktoberfest. Of course it didn't take a genius to work out that by putting a few wooden benches and tables under the chestnut trees and serving the cold beer from the cellars would create a lovely drinking atmosphere throughout Summer.

And so the classic beer garden was born and the concept quickly spread throughout Europe and the rest of the world. They're a great place to soak up the sun with your friends and get your chill on, what's even better most beer gardens are family friendly and you'll be hard pressed to see someone getting out of control wasted.

With so many beer gardens to choose from, we've put together the a list of the 10 Beer Gardens in Europe for you to check out over the Summer vacation.

1. The Ship (London, United Kingdom)

Located right on the banks the of the river Thames in Wandsworth, south London. The Ship is full of character and serves real ales, seasonal good, a private garden right by the water and also a live Irish band. This friendly beer garden also offers an outdoor BBQ kitchen during the Summer.

2. Spezial-keller (Bamberg, Germany)

If you don’t mind taking a trek off the beaten path, this classic German beer garden is a bit of a hike from the city but it’s definitely worth it. Here you can enjoy lovely views of the picturesque city of Bamberg which compliments the beer. Enjoy local food at honest prices and also the smoke beer that Bamberg is famous for!

3. Letna Beer Garden (Prague, Czech Republic)

This beer garden is all about location, location location. Situated at the top of Letenske Park, this beer garden has amazing views of Prague’s Old City, historic bridges, and the Vltava river. Serving a classic Czech beer, Crisp Gambrinus, Letna also offers tasty pizzas, which is sure to bring a chilled out vibe to your weekend.

4. Café Sound Garden (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

Located on the banks of the Singelgracht canal, this edgy Dutch beer garden is anything but pretentious. Spend the afternoon chilling by the canal watching the boats or taking in the graffiti art, alternative live music or playing darts; all the while trying the taverns 20 kinds of beer.

5. Hofbräuhaus (Munich, Germany)

Probably the world’s most famous beer garden, the Hofbräuhaus in Munich has been serving beer for thirsty tourists since 1592. While this popular tavern is a bit of a tourist trap, don’t worry about not getting a seat, this place can hold up to 1,300 patrons with a further 400 seats in the outdoor area. Watch out for As dirndl-clad waitresses with astounding arm strength carry stein after massive stein to drinkers, traditional Bavarian bands entertain patrons from a central stage.

6. The Temple Bar (Dublin, Ireland)

Situated in the center of the bustling city of Dublin, the Temple Bar’s beer garden is set in the middle of the pub and offers a safe haven from the busy city; whatever the weather. Offering traditional home cooked food and live music, this is definitely a place to sip on a Guinness, or two.

7. Kiez Biergarten (Paris, France)

If you’re looking for some German vibes in the centre of Paris then this is your spot. Serving German beers like Paulaner Lager, Becks, Hefeweizen and other classics, and with all of the mugs and glasses to go along with them, all you need to imagine yourself in a Bavarian beer hall! Make sure to reserve your seats on weekends or game nights because this place gets really popular.

8. CocoVail Beer Hall (Barcelona, Spain)

Okay yeah, this isn't technically a beer garden but when you're in sunny Spain during the Summer it can be way too hot to sit outside. Enter the CocoVail Beer Hall! With a great selection of 24 local craft beers on tap to go with excellent street food, it's cozy and casual, a perfect place to grab some friends to share some beers. On Mondays they have a 'Lord of the Wings' night, where you can get wings for only 50 cents each, Thursdays are live music nights.

9. Café Vlissinghe (Bruges, Belgium)

Now this picturesque spot is well known for the being the oldest pub in Belgium. Dating back to 1515, Café Vlissinghe has everything you'd want in a beer garden, a great atmosphere, a huge choice in beer and a menu that consists of comfort food from around the world. Enjoy a slice of history over a pint.

10. Biergarten (Rotterdam, Netherlands)

This is a great place to grab a no-nonsense burger and a beer. With a wide range of seating and great views of the Rotterdam skyline, it offers a nice friendly atmosphere to enjoy a large beer with friends at the end of the day. On Fridays and weekends there are live bands and DJ's, with the bar open until late, or early, however, you look at it.

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