Update on our Support Ukraine platform

Our Support Ukraine Platform has been deactivated as of 1 June 2023. We made a difficult decision to pause our current initiative. This is not the end of our commitment. It's a regroup and rethink of a more sustainable, structured approach to helping people with housing. If you have any questions or urgently need a place to stay, please get in touch.

Changes on the platform and the way forward

Since March last year, we have been connecting people impacted by the war in Ukraine with people who opened the doors of their homes, and we were able to help hundreds of people find a place to stay via our platform.

Unfortunately, the situation is yet to be settled. In addition, we continue to witness situations where people are forced to move out and in search of their new homes.

Therefore, we made a difficult decision to pause our current initiative in an effort to re-group and rethink a more sustainable and structured way to provide even better support for people in need of housing.

We are currently having dialogues with trusted organisations that specialise in providing professional and compassionate support for people in need of housing to help us, as our mission continues to enable people to live wherever they want, however they want. We hope to update you soon with progress.

Please contact support@housinganywhere.com for any questions or if you are in urgent need of a place to stay. We will do our best to support you on an individual basis.

Warm regards, HousingAnywhere team

7 ways you can help Ukraine now

Watching the news on the war in Ukraine, we all might feel a little powerless. Nevertheless, there are several meaningful ways we can help Ukraine now.

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