We’ve been shortlisted for the Accommodation Provider of the Year Award!


Updated on Jun 07 • 1 minute read

We’re delighted to announce that HousingAnywhere is a finalist for Accommodation Provider of the Year in the PIEoneer Awards for excellence and innovation in international education.

The PIEoneer Awards are hosted by the PIEnews, an independent media organisation for professionals in international education.

Here’s why we’re one of the finalists.

We work together

HousingAnywhere partners with hundreds of universities to offer flexible housing options for their incoming and outgoing international students. We also work with student associations across Europe to support their integration events and empower their volunteers to help other students through our soft skills trainings.

We are innovating

We worked with universities to develop a new VIP product feature which gives students of our partner universities priority access to any accommodation on our open platform. This made them 7x more likely to find accommodation.

We are learning

We worked with universities, nonprofits and other housing providers to assess the housing-related challenges mobile students currently face through the HousErasmus+ project. We’ve also been surveying our users and landlords to understand their anxieties and hopes about moving abroad. With this in mind, we created educational content which bolsters their aspirations with practical advice on everything from visas to the best student neighbourhoods.

The winners of all PIEoneer awards will be announced in September 2018. You can view a full list of finalists here.

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