Stay on top of your rental payouts with these new features


Updated on Nov 22 • 1 minute read

Tracking booking payouts should be an easy and transparent process, especially if you have multiple rental properties. Based on the great feedback we receive from our users, this month we’ve been working on updating your Payout Dashboard to make staying on top of your finances clearer. Here’s what’s new!

Payout settings

With the new Payout Settings page, you can now manage your payouts from one place. If you ever need to change which bank account receives your first month's rent, update your billing details, check your invoices or commission plan, this can be done right there!

To view your Payout Settings, go to the drop-down menu under your account name.

Transaction History

Get real-time insights of past, present, and future payouts with Transaction History. As soon as you have a confirmed Booking, you'll be able to see exactly where your money is and when you'll receive it in your account, giving you the transparency to manage your rental income in advance. This update is in a beta phase and will be available to everyone soon.

Safety and security

As soon as your booking is confirmed, your tenant has 48 hours to pay their first month's rent. We keep the funds safe and transfer them to your account 48 hours after the tenants move-in date. It's important to keep all of your transactions on HousingAnywhere because if the tenant fails to show up, we still guarantee the first month's rent!

Keeping your billing details up to date

To make the most of these updates and most importantly, to receive your tenants' rent, make sure your billing details on your Payout Settings are up to date. If not, we'll be unable to make the transfer.

Update my billing details