HousingAnywhere at NAFSA 2018


Updated on May 24 • 1 minute read

Welcome to HousingAnywhere, we're the global platform for student accommodation! Over 170 universities trust us to help accommodate their international students, trainees and mobile staff in hundreds of cities around the world.

NAFSA 2018

We've been attending the NASFA conference for 5 consecutive years, to meet with our partners and make constructive plans for the future of student accommodation.

NAFSA offers a platform that encourages the transfer of knowledge and innovation: by sharing best practices and success stories, we're proud to contribute to the international debate with experts and stakeholders in the field of higher education.

The extent of the housing problem: what you need to know

New research has shown that universities may not be fully aware of the challenges their mobile students face. Housing scam attempts, language barriers and a lack of information make navigating a foreign housing market difficult. Read more about the HousErasmus+ project to understand best practices from other universities and the situation your students face or view our summary here.

Success Stories: what we've been up to

The idea of HousingAnywhere sprung in 2009 when our founder Niels went to study abroad from Rotterdam to Singapore and had trouble finding a place. Since then, we've grown to a team of over 80 former international students and expats, all on a mission to help universities better support their incoming and outgoing students by offering priority access.

Check out our case studies:

- Rotterdam - Pisa - Reykjavik - Murcia

How we can help: VIP access and secure booking for your students

We’re trusted by more than 170 universities around the world, offering their students priority access to rooms on our platform and connecting them with verified landlords. Read our case study on VIP access at the University of Ljubljana to get an idea of how this can transform the accommodation search for your students or view our guide on how it works.

We can help your students too, book a meeting with us today or find out more.

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