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Save time with our latest features: livechat, payout methods and advanced filters

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by Morgan Barlet on 18 Mar 2019

Recently, we released 3 time-saving and organizational features, but having these important tools right at your fingertips is of no use unless you know how to master them. We want to ensure that you understand how these features operate, and the best ways to focus them on your individual needs. From then on, you’ll be able to follow a few simple steps to begin utilizing them, hopefully, use these tools as stepping stones to more efficient management of all your listings, communications and payments.

Real-Time Messaging

Rather than wait for messages to be transferred from one recipient to another, you can now message in real-time. Never miss a beat.

In the housing market, 5 minutes can make all the difference when securing a rental agreement for a private room or a shared apartment. No one wants to miss out on a good match or a prime opportunity. Plus, responding quickly adds an air of accountability, and tenants definitely prefer to deal with landlords who know their way around the market.

Real-time messaging allows both parties to instantly view new messages without having to refresh the page. All communications stay securely put on the platform and enable fast interaction. Imagine the messaging option of your favorite social media platform; it's just like that but straight from your inbox! Better still, there’s no need to download a new app or additional software.

Real-time message is ready to rumble!

It’s imperative to keep your response rate up, so replying to messages in a quick and efficient manner can help boost your listings. With real-time messaging, it’s even easier than before. Go to your inbox and check it out!

A New Payout Method

Staying on top of your payouts is very important to you. Previously, our service has offered 2 payout methods: IBAN and PayPal. Some landlords may not like dealing with PayPal and would prefer IBAN, but problems arrise when their home countries do not support IBAN, or if their payout methods differ from what is deemed acceptable on the platform.

On your new and updated Payout Methods page, you will see 3 payout options: "Bank Transfer:IBAN", "Bank transfer: Other" and "Paypal".

  • Rename “Bank Transfer” to “Bank transfer: IBAN.”
  • Add a new method titled “Bank transfer: other.”

Screen Shot new payout method non iban

Once the new method shows you its options, then you must fill in:

  • Country of choice (dropdown menu)
  • Beneficiary name in full
  • Home address (A tooltip will remind you that: "Your address needs to match the address submitted to your bank.")
  • Bank account number
  • SWIFT/BIC code

New payout details

Now, you can easily go to your Payout Settings and get started!

Filters for Listings

If you have multiple listings, it may not always be that simple to find the one that you’re looking for. However, now we have created a special filter that can easily be used when based on the dates and the prices of your listings.

To do this, you must simply:

  • Go to your Dashboard
  • Click on 'Manage Listings'
  • There, you will see the option to Filter.
  • Choose By Date or By Price

[DE] Filters listings

It really is that easy! Your listings will appear in a way that makes it much more efficient for you to locate. Be sure to go to your Listings, and try it out.

Advertiser Profile and dedicated Search Page

As you’re developing your inventory, it’s possible to have available listings in different cities. It will now be possible to see all your listings sorted by the cities where you’re active on your profile.

Advertiser profile

Then, if a potential tenant clicks on “view all X listings”, it will take them to a dedicated search page in the city they’ve chosen to look for accommodation and it will show only your available listings in that city.

advertiser dedicated search page

These new features will help you build trust with your profile as it shows a complete overview of your inventory and helps you easily share the dedicated search pages to your potential tenants.

All of this enables better timing, therefore greater efficiency. When you list more than one room or apartment, we understand that time is golden, and finding ways to streamline payments, messaging and filtering your listings, can be a real game changer.

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by Morgan Barlet on 18 Mar 2019