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Inglese, Francese, Italiano, Spagnolo, Tedesco
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Ciao, sono José-Luis!
Hi, I'm José-Luis! It was a beautiful spring day when Dijana and José-Luis happened to sit on the same bench in Hyde Park. They struck up a conversation and were amazed at how similar their life stories were. Both loved the cosmopolitan lifestyle as international business travellers, but missed time spent with friends and family. They both felt the same longing for home… And suddenly an idea was born – to create a community of world citizens where they could all feel at home. Comfortable places where you receive a warm welcome and are surrounded by like-minded people. Not an impersonal hotel, but furnished short-stay apartments, where every free minute is a pleasure. Not just a refuge, but somewhere simply to feel at ease. Places where the cosmopolitan lifestyle and mindset are understood and lived. Worldwide. This bold idea developed into a business plan that has already attracted various investors. Dijana and José-Luis are now working to realise their dream of bringing their cosmopolitan lifestyle to the world. Who would have thought this would be the result of that beautiful spring day in London?
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