Advertiser Insurance

Your place insured up to

Peace of mind

Renting out your place to a stranger can be scary at first. Though property damage is rare, we understand you would prefer to be protected. Our Advertiser Insurance will reimburse eligible students and landlords for damages to your property up to €100,000.

Every Booking. Free of charge.

We care about your peace of mind, and therefore we do not charge for it. Every room you rent out via Housing Anywhere is protected by the advertiser insurance, at no additional costs.

What is protected?

The Housing Anywhere Advertiser Insurance protects you up to €100,000 in damages. The Advertiser Insurance protects you from:

  • Fire
  • Theft or vandalism
  • Natural disasters: storm, lightning, flooding
  • Damage to electrical appliances up to €2,500

A full list of the terms can be found here.

Advertisers who make use of the Housing Anywhere Advertiser Insurance agree to cooperate with Housing Anywhere and its insurers.

What is not protected?

The Housing Anywhere Advertiser Insurance is not equal to homeowners or renters insurance, and should therefore not be considered as a replacement or stand-in for such an insurance. The Advertiser Insurance does not protect for amongst others:

  • Personal liability
  • Embezzlement by a tenant or by a person allowed in the house by a tenant
  • Pets

Valuables items such as money, jewellery, musical instruments and artwork are not included within the Advertiser Insurance. We advise advertisers to secure or remove such items when renting out a place – or consider independent insurance to cover such items.


  • The place needs to be booked through Housing Anywhere in order to be eligible for our Advertiser Insurance.
  • The place needs to be located in The Netherlands.
  • The Housing Anywhere booking took place after or on 1 July 2016.
  • The Advertiser Insurance is valid during the rental period, with a maximum of 6 months.

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