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How to sign-up and create your first listing


How to sign-up and create your first listing


Aug 09 • 2 minute read

Step 1:

To start using HousingAnywhere, go to housinganywhere.com and click on 'List your place for free'.

Step 2:

Click on ‘Sign up and get started’ in the bottom left corner, as indicated in the image below.

You can then sign up with Facebook, Google or create your own account using your email address.

Step 3:

Click on ‘Continue’ which will take you to the next page for you to complete the basic information about your listing that you wish to advertise.

So your prospective tenants know when your property is available to rent, you will need to select the start date and an end date of your properties availability. If you don’t have an end date, just click on 'No end date'. Click here for more info on the calendar feature.

Then enter the monthly rent (try to enter the monthly rent inclusive of all bills). If you're unable to do that, you can specify the cost of each utility on the next page.

Once you have completed this step, simply click on 'Post my room listing' and then you can add further details of your listing, enrich your listing with pictures and a good description of the property, before moving to the next step.

Pictures are one of the most important elements in your listing; the number of pictures you have and the quality of the pictures, will help establish that all important first impression!

The more pictures you have the better! If you take pictures of every room available, within your listing, you are more likely to rent it out quicker!

Please make sure they are good quality images. You don’t necessarily need a professional photography for this as you can take great pictures with most smartphones!

If you entered a monthly rent 'All inclusive', tick on 'Yes' for the additional costs. If you entered a flat fee, tick on 'No' and enter the estimated bills in euros per month.

Once you have completed adding the details around ‘Additional Costs’ and completed the ‘Rules’ section for you property, you then need to check the checkbox to confirm you accept our terms and conditions ‘I agree with the HousingAnywhere terms & conditions’ and then click the ‘Post Room’ button to proceed.

Tip: If you wish to list several properties, check out this how to guide.

Step 4:

You're almost there! Only one last step before you listing gets published! The last step is to verify your account. So that we can better tailor our service to you, let us know if you are a student or not, if you rent out as a person or a business and how many rooms you manage in total. All you then need to do is enter your mobile phone number and we will send you a verification code. You can then verify your account with the code we send to you on your phone.

If you have any difficulties listing your property or verifying your account, please get in touch with our Customer Solutions department at our email address, support@housinganywhere.com, and we will respond directly to you.

Congratulations! Your account is verified and your listing is online!

If you want to share the link to your listing(s) on Facebook, click on 'Share on Facebook'. If not, just click on ‘Skip and continue to my listings’.

Now you'll start receiving messages from prospective tenants!

Tip: Remember, the quicker you respond to your messages, the quicker you will rent out your property.

Check out how to build trust with your HousingAnywhere profile to discover how to put the odds on your side!

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