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Rotterdam is booming. The city draws not only a lot of tourists but also an increasing number of (international) students. If you’re planning on coming to live in Rotterdam or are already enjoying the harbor city, you might want to know which hotspots you need to visit. That’s why we’ve selected ten venues which you should absolutly make your chill spots!

1) Baker’s Dough

Did someone say cookie dough? Rotterdam is the first city in the Netherlands to have a cookie dough bar, and it’s truly as great as it sounds: you can eat as much unbaked cookie dough as you like and add all kinds of delicious toppings. Baker’s dough opened early in the summer of 2017 and it’s been a hit ever since. The owner got inspired on a trip to New York and thought it was about time that the Netherlands got introduced to this great concept. You can choose one of the specials or go nuts and construct your own perfect blend of cookie dough, ice cream , and toppings. They also serve great coffee, so top off that sugar rush with some caffeine, and you’re good to study for at least a few hours! (Pannekoekstraat 82A)

2) Pebbles Kitty Cat Café

Rotterdam has a tough image, but did you know it’s home to one of the fluffiest cafés in the country? It’s called Pebbles Kitty Cat Café, and as you would expect with a name like that, it houses eight shelter cats. If you’re a cat person, you’re going to love it, because who doesn’t want to snuggle up next to a purring ball of fur? Being surrounded by cats will certainly make studying more interesting. The entrance fee, or cat tax, is €3,50, but you can stay for as long as you like. Sounds purrfect, right? (Hoogstraat 30a)

3) Rauwdouwer

If you’re looking for a place with an approachable, good vibe, Rauwdouwer is the place to be. Pop down there after a nice walk along the water in the Lloydkwartier and eat your heart out; literally. The friendly chef, who is also the owner, whips up fresh, original, but most importantly tasty dishes. They serve a variety of special beers and lemonades, which allows you to try something different for a change. The décor of Rauwdouwer is very ‘urban jungle’ with a lot of green, vintage furniture and large windows. Get a table with a view, and you’ll be working inspired all afternoon! (Westzeedijk 381J)

4) Lillith

For everyone who likes to embrace their dark side every now and then, there’s Lilith Coffee. Lilith once began as a little pop-up bar and has now grown into a beloved eatery in the city center. At Lilith they do whatever they want, for example: serve breakfast all day. Their specialty is Eggs Benedict. The interior is an exciting mixture of green and vintage and has a gloomy yet cozy vibe to it. Sit down at one of the tables or nestle yourself on the couch in their ‘living room.’ They also have nice terrace, which is perfect for a sunny afternoon or evening. So next time you have to write an essay, do it at Lilith’s so you can treat yourself to some fluffy pancakes afterward. (Nieuwe Binnenweg 125h)

5) Lot & Daan

Lot & Daan is the new kid on the block. They opened up shop in September 2017 and are already featured in a lot of Instagram posts. This is because their food is not only very healthy and tasty but also particularly easy on the eyes, i.e. ‘instagrammable.’ It is their mission to make you enjoy food with a clear conscience. What about a quinoa bowl, a halloumi burger or an iced coffee – banana shake? Every choice is a good choice for Lot & Daan’s! Not to mention their great interior style: soft pink walls, a large tree and two swings (!) make this a happy place to study and enjoy yourself at the same time. Who doesn’t love a place where you leave healthier? (Oost-Wijnstraat 24 – Gelderseplein)

6) Biergarten

Oldie but goodie! In the middle of town you'll find a place that all Rotterdamers will agree on is the place to be. Funnily enough that is also Biergarten's slogan! Find yourself surrounded with streetart in a open air bar, where many hardworking individuals come to for a cold beer after work or for pre-drinks before going out to Bar (yes, there is a Bar in Rotterdam called Bar) or Annabel some of the most popular clubs in town. Both of which have their entrances in Biergarden. Finally, Biergarten offers an extensive menu of delicious food. Seriously, their burgers are to die for go and you need them in your life.

7) Supermarcado

Supermarcado is located on the booming Witte de Withstraat in the centre of town. As the names entail Supremarcado is where you can enjoy some fine Latin American dishes, anything from Argentinian steak to Mexican tacos, passing by Peruvian ceviche and ending with a good old burger. To accompany your Latino feast, Supermercado offers a verity of cocktails and beers. Finally, because the night is young (and you now have to burn all that food off) head to Superdisco the club right under Supermercado where they play different types of music varying from disco to techno. We recommend that you max out on the beers upstairs as alcohol drinks in Superdisco can get quite expensive.

8) Noah

Now that the subject of cocktails is out we can think of one more place that we highly recommend, Noah. Just a 2mn walk down a small alley behind the cube houses, Noah is a bar in the old port of Rotterdam. You can eat there since recently but what it is mainly known for is their A-M-A-Z-I-N-G cocktails. We mean it, they’re amazing! So much so that they have been voted the best cocktail bar in Rotterdam for the past couple years. It has a big outdoor space which is perfect to enjoy the view of the small boats parked in the old port.

9) De Machinist

Enough drink talk, we’re hungry! In the Delfshaven neighbourhood of Rotterdam a historic building is home to a multi-functional space called De Machinist. First things first, it’s a delicious restaurant, and in summer they open another outside restaurant called Viskantine where you can eat fresh, delicious fish and seafood on the grill. But that’s not all De Machinist has to offer! It’s historical but it's also very big, so they host live music and stand-up comedy events in their film house. Finally, they have many different rooms you can rent out for events such as birthdays, or weddings or even to meet as a group of entrepreneurs and get those creatives minds buzzing all together in an inspiring, natural light and high ceilings original environment.

10) Markthal

FODIES LISTEN UP. Last but most definitely not least, Markthal is one of the main attractions in Rotterdam, its a beautiful modern construction right in front of the Cube houses you can’t possibly not see it. In there you will find countless restaurant and stands that serve fantastic food from all four corners of the globe. Fish, meat, tapas, pastries, cheese platers, chorus, sweets, ice cream, burgers, nuts, pasta, fruit, veg, you name whatever you want, and we can guarantee Markthal will have it.

After all this talk of great hotspots, food and drinks you must be excited to come to Rotterdam and try them all out. If you are looking for a place, make sure to check out sites for rental houses in Rotterdam. Before you know it, you’ll be an inhabitant of this great city, finding your own favourite spots!

Guest post by: Huurwoningen.nl

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