Eracon 2018


May 08 • 1 minute read

HousingAnywhere is the global accommodation platform for international student housing. International students, trainees and mobile staff from more than 170 universities enjoy VIP access on the platform, which grants them priority in 300+ cities and personalised assistance.

As a member of the HousErasmus+ project, HousingAnywhere is aware of how alarming the housing situation for mobile students in Europe is today. In order to spread the voice and make university’s staff even more aware, HousingAnywhere organised together with ESN International and EUF an informative session “Accommodation: the biggest obstacle to international mobility?” during ERACON 2018. For more information about the main take-outs of the research project, consult The 7 lessons we learned on international student accommodation from HousErasmus+.

During the session, best practices were showcased to the audience in order to excite a constructive debate. Check out here the case study developed together with University of Murcia and Catholic University of Murcia about A global approach to international housing.

Defining a problem comes with the responsibility to work on a solution. Exceptionally for ERACON 2018, HousingAnywhere decided to offer VIP access to all international students coming from ERACON 2018 participant universities until October 2018 with no costs nor strings attached.

To find out more about this possibility or simply get a free consultation from our team of experts about the housing situation in your city, send us an email at

Or Book a meeting with Francesca while at the conference.